LANGUAGES ON THE GO – the golden trio of language learning apps

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Learning a new language is for some a necessity, for others, sheer enjoyment or a desire to touch up on your language skills from when you were at school. Gone are the days of listening to audio tapes in the car on the way to work and reciting what you hear. Technology has provided us with a host of applications for learning new languages, right from your phone, this makes learning more fun and intuitive, not to mention easier!

There are many apps in the market designed for different comprehension levels, so be careful in selecting the right one for you. Widening your vocabulary is vital for the control of language, but also ensure you find the right app to learn grammar or practice conversation. Here are some of the best apps available in Android and iOS for learning new languages.


This has to be the most popular language learning app around at the moment, placing the learners in control of their 5-20 minute daily session. The ability to track progress means people find themselves improving swiftly. Well designed, the user interface is easily accessible and it’s completely free. Small specific lessons with defined topics are supported with both audio and visual learning methods. 


This is based on the traditional style of bitesize chunks of information, as well as decent speech recognition. It’s strong classroom approach, with ‘lessons’ lasting 10-15 minutes, suits some but not everyone, however it is full of important content. It is widely accessible, for both amateurs and experts, offering a range of words and phrases to choose from. It focuses majorly on conversational learning which is not only fun but extremely effective. The app starts with basic conversational subjects and logically progresses into complex sentences. It allows the users to download the lessons for offline leaning, costing about $5 to $10 per month for full access to the subject materials.


A clear structure means this app is perfect for beginners. It’s the ideal app for fun vocabulary practice, allowing users to learn through memes and games, which help with remembering new words. This app is a communal space, anyone can add memes, so the user doesn’t feel so isolated in their language learning. It specifically challenges users through mnemonics and space repetitions.

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