"Love Learning Tutors has given her greater confidence."

Love Learning Tutors have been giving our daughter support in maths for almost a year. They have given her greater confidence which has helped her tackle the subject more positively.

— Mrs Tina Mody

"Our son had offers from each school that invited him in for interview."

Hannah is a polite, charming, knowledgable and fun tutor who has had a fantastic effect on both our children's results and their confidence. They look forward to their sessions with her as she is so engaging and kind. Our son had offers from each school that invited him in for interview.

She is someone that we think very highly of and we would not hesitate to recommend her.

— Mr James Sanders

"My daughter has much better grades at school as a result."

Joe is the kind of tutor who really takes time to understand how your child’s mind is trying to solve a problem. I realised this after I sat with my daughter during one of her sessions because I also needed to understand the subject (maths). It was amazing to see how patient, full of knowledge and unique his approach to tutoring was.

His individual way made it so much easier for my daughter to overcome her insecurity of learning maths, and motivated her to try more difficult tasks after she realised she could accomplish those with support. As a tutor, Joe is very responsible, with goal oriented lessons and easy to talk to. He was able to notice when there was any avoidance in advancing through more difficult levels and worked slowly through different strategies to make them pleasant, but also significant.

My daughter started having much better grades at school as a result of his tutoring! Thank you Joe!

— Mrs Alessandra Borba

"Engaging, fun, exciting."

Love Learning Tutors have a deep knowledge of their subjects and they teach in an engaging, fun, exciting, cheerful way. Our girls love learning from the tutors as they are an absolute pleasure to have around.

— Mrs Lucia Mozzoni

"Soon I was getting A's and A*s in all three subjects!"

Love learning tutors really helped me after I changed schools. I was at an international school before and found preparing for GCSEs quite challenging because the MYP curriculum was very different from the British system. But with the help of their wonderful tutors, I was able to catch up in physics, biology and chemistry. Soon I was getting As and A*s in all three subjects!

- Kristina Kolesnikova

"I improved my grades far beyond what I could have imagined."

I had Hannah as an A-Level maths tutor and not only was it a great time, but I also improved my grades far beyond what I imagined myself achieving alone and under the given circumstances. Definitely recommended!

- Paul Brotherton

"Explain in a fun way what initially appears impossible to do."

I really recommend Love Learning Tutors after I witnessed their tutor's dedicated approach to teaching my 10 year old daughter, who usually doesn’t take maths as an easy subject. The tutor was outgoing, patient, understanding, full of expertise in maths and had an amazing ability to explain in a fun way what initially appears impossible to do.

Gabi gained not just the understanding of how to break down her thinking into easier steps and solve problems, but also gained inner confidence which reflected on her own self-esteem.

As a tutor, they were always professional, organised, ready with planned classes and on time. They had a good understanding of child development and was able to share with us their concerns, expectations and future goals with those who they were teaching.

Because of their fantastic skills and support, my daughter was able to explore maths in a different way which improved her abilities and resulted in better grades. I really recommend Love Learning Tutors.

— Mrs Alessandra Borba

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