Studying history investigates the key events that have shaped our society today. It requires many key skills such as research, making inferences from sources, retaining important dates and communicating ideas in an intelligent manner thought detailed essays. These skills are transferrable to a wide array of subjects.

Our history tutors at Love Learning are here to assist you through explorations through time, to deepen understanding of the past and as a result, of current affairs. To make you aware the the particular patterns that tend to repeat themselves, and take your essays to the next levels.

GCSE History

Understanding the modern world

  • Period Studies

  • Wider world depth studies

Shaping the nation

  • Thematic studies

  • British depth studies including the historic environment


A-level History


IB History

  • Prescribed Subjects (1 to be studied)

  • World History Topics (2 to be studied)

  • Depth Studies (1 to be studied)

  • Historical Investigation