About Love Learning Tutors

Our students' happiness and wellbeing ARE at THE core of our teaching practice.

At Love Learning Tutors, we recognise that we all learn differently. Taking our time to learn how our students' minds works allows us to give personal advice and provide techniques for effective learning. Our aim is to nurture our students towards becoming well-rounded individuals with the confidence and understanding of how to learn; life skills for school and beyond.

We make seemingly complicated topics easier to understand.
We create a comfortable environment in which students can make the mistakes that they need to learn from in order to grow.
We encourage plenty of questions in the pursuit of deeper understanding.
We aim to turn out students’ weaknesses into strengths and to be their support as they grow in confidence.
No problem is too small for us to put our efforts into solving.

Students are under unprecedented amounts of pressure from school, parents, friends, and themselves. Our experienced tutors support students to feel positive and continue to achieve at these challenging times.

maths and physics tutor

Hannah Ogahara, Founder

"Connecting outstanding, inspirational tutors with the minds of tomorrow"

I am passionate about helping others find their path. Learning about what makes each student tick and understanding how they process information is fascinating to me. Catering each lesson to the individual, playing to their strengths and fortifying their weaknesses has constantly kept me on my toes for the last seven years.

I enjoy adapting how I deliver information in a way that makes otherwise "challenging" topics come alive. Whether I am comparing how heat is conducted to a buzzing Justin Bieber concert, or how atoms bond and interact by dancing around the room, it is always a joy when my students get their "ah-ha" moment understanding new scientific concepts. 

With the pressures of school and exams, it can be a challenge for students to remain excited about learning. This is why our team at Love Learning Tutors has scoured London for the most vibrant tutors to breathe life into school subjects, to inspire students to be curious and playful when it comes to learning.

Love Learning Tutors was founded on the belief that the best lesson that we can teach students is how to learn whilst having fun in the process.