The Right Match

Finding the right tutor for your child is a key factor when it comes to the effectiveness of tutoring for them.
You must ensure that they get along incredibly well together. This helps to build a strong bond between them and in effect, an accountability so powerful that it gets you the results you want.

You would never let your best friend down, right? This is why the relationship between the tutor and your child is so important.

After that, the best tutors you'll find are the ones who:

  • have a genuine interest in your child's success, and more importantly, their well being
  • create engaging sessions that spark your child's curiosity
  • create a comfortable environment where mistakes can be made and prevented in the future
  • makes learning so fun that your child keeps wanting more
  • makes your life easier by going above and beyond to help you feel happy
  • provides you peace of mind (when you experience the effects of their tutoring on your child)

Have a peek below at the samples of our tutors. You may find one you're interested in or feel drawn to...

Or you can take our short 'Tutor Matching Assessment' and we'll do the work for you. The information provided will help our team find the best tutor we have for your child, saving you time and effort.

Samples Of Our Tutors

They are primarily based in London but frequently work online with families that live outside of London or overseas.

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Qualified Teacher


BA Joint Honours in English Literature and History – First Class Honours at Durham University

MPhil in Modern European History at Cambridge University

Maths Teacher at Glenmoor and Winton Academies

Teach First Leadership Development Programme

"As a tutor, it is my aim to ensure that all my students have the tools and the confidence to experiment and fully explore their subject."

Subjects: English Literature, History, Maths, Science, Geography 


BA Comparative Literature with Spanish at University College London

"My priority as a tutor is to share my enthusiasm of the subject with the student, because enjoying the learning process is the first step to success."

Subjects: History, French, Spanish, English, Theatre Studies 


Imperial College London - MSci in Physics with Theoretical Physics

Imperial College LondonPhD in Physics (Theory and Simulation of Materials)

Walworth Academy - Science Teacher

William Morris 6th form - Physics Teacher

Latymer Upper School - Physics and Maths Teacher

"I plan my lessons extremely thoroughly and always adapt to the student’s needs, addressing them as soon as they are identified, in order to allow them to make the most rapid progress possible."

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry


PhD Molecular Modelling and Materials Science at University College London 

MRes Molecular Modelling and Materials Science at University College London (Merit)

MSci Chemistry at University College London (1st class with honours)

"I really enjoy encouraging students to view topics in a different way and helping them gain a greater understanding of their subject."

Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths


MSc Immunity and Infectious Disease at University College London

BSc Biochemistry at the University of Leeds (2.1)

"Experiencing the delight and satisfaction that is stimulated by a tutee grasping an idea and becoming interested in a subject you have taught them is one of the most rewarding experiences."

Subjects: Biology, Maths


MSci Chemistry with Management at University College London

"The key is to build confidence, build upon past knowledge and to not rush the process."

Subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Japanese


BA Philosophy and Theology at Durham University (2.1)

"In teaching, I use my arts background to help build a stimulating approach to all subjects, including maths and sciences, and demonstrate that all the detailed facts and rules really are, in the grand scheme of things, both really important and really interesting."

Subjects: Religious Studies, Philosophy, English, Theatre Studies, French, Spanish, History, Art, Science, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning


PhD Chemistry - Synthesis and Study of Kagome Magnets at University College London

MSc Chemistry with research project in Hong Kong at the University of Edinburgh (1st class with honours)

"I aim to foster an atmosphere where it is okay to make mistakes through positive reinforcement."

Subjects: Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology


BSc Natural Sciences at University College London

"I enjoy watching students take control of their own learning, and become a more confident, motivated and capable individual."

Subjects: Maths, French, Chemistry


MSc Natural Sciences at University College London

"I will do everything it takes to instil within my students an innate passion to improve."

Subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry, English, Religious Studies, Arts


MBBS Medicine at University College London

"I often share my experience on getting into medical schools with the boys from my old school. As I have received so much help in the past, I would really like to give something back to the school, the community and anyone who needs help."

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics


MSci Natural Sciences at University College London

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry


BA Classics at University College London

"While most tutors aim to build the confidence of their tutees, I prefer to help my tutees find their inner motivation and, therefore, aim to make the subject I am teaching fun, whether it be through relating, say, Latin to Maths or, as I would do to a young me, the Iliad to Grand Slam finals."

Subjects: Latin, Ancient Greek, Maths, Biology, Religious Studies


BA Linguistics, 2.1 at University College London

GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) starting in October 2017

"I strongly believe that to do well in any subject, a little inspiration is needed to kickstart the process and that real-world examples and excerpts can make a subject relatable which can make all the difference."

Subjects: French, English, History, Law


We have a rigorous selection process when taking on new tutors. We take great pride on getting to know each tutor individually so that each recommendation is not only based on academic strengths but on personality matches.

It is of upmost importance to us that we get the match correct, as the tutor will need to build good rapport with the student. This creates a relationship of trust as well as the best environment to progress in.