Confident sitting GCSE examination

GCSE and Equivalents

This is a very exciting time as students have the opportunity to choose what they would like to study for the first time. At the age of 14 it can be tricky to know what you want to do for the coming years, so we are here to give advice for those who need a helping hand.

Whether it is GCSE, IB or equivalents, there is a huge amount of subjects available to sit exams for and this is the time when strengths and passions start to emerge.

We are very familiar with AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR exam boards of GCSE and iGCSE and the Middle Years IB program. The course content and exam style varies significantly between each exam board, which we can help clarify and get our students familiar with.

We assist with time management to make sure that each subject gets the right amount of attention. We also can do booster sessions and make revision programs. To make sure our students are on target, we do academic assessments so it is clear what their strengths and weaknesses are moving forward.

Some students may wish at this point to look for other schools and 6th form colleges for their A-Levels. We can provide advice and help with applications too.

Our tutors: 

  • Tackle target problem areas
  • Create personal revision courses
  • Plan powerful revision timetables
  • Refine exam technique
  • Get students familiar and comfortable with exam process