Ancient Greek/Classical Greek

Learning Ancient Greek allows you to have access to extraordinary and still important literature, by having a comprehensive knowledge of Ancient Greek you have a superior understanding of these texts that no translation can offer. 

Learning Ancient Greek is no easy task, the syntax and grammar is very complex and will keep your brain working, finding solutions in a similar way to maths. 

If you plan to study linguistics or Archeology it may be useful to you. 

Ancient Greek assessments comprise of translation, Ancient Greek prose and verse literature and an understanding of history.

Our Ancient Greek tutors are here keep your grammar rules in check and open you to a new world of possibilities and further your understanding in many different areas.

GCSE Classical Greek


Prose literature

Verse literature

Literature & culture 

A LEVEL Classical Greek

Unseen translation

Prose composition


Prose literature

Verse literature


IB Classical Greek

Understand and translate text from Classical Creek 

Classical culture

Critical understanding of texts

Analyse style

Construct supported arguments