What to do on your study breaks?    



Although most university students have finished their exams, GCSE and A-Level students are still in the thick of it.

Can you not help but feel petrified with the thought of studying non-stop for extended periods of time? Studying for your exam may be tough work, but doesn't have to be dull. A great study break is the key to making the best use of your time. Be it an hour-long break, or a ten minute pause; we've compiled a list of fun ideas to blow off steam. But before we tell you what you can do, you should know what to avoid at all costs so that you can get back into good study habits.   

Do not do the following on a study break      

1) Do not surf the internet or watch TV: This might be exactly what you want to do, but believe us, it won’t relax you. It is important that you can go back to studying with full focus, which is only possible when you give your eyes some much needed rest.  

2) Do not binge on junk food or food with high sugars: High amount of carbohydrates, which are present in most junk food, make you lethargic and stop you from feeling active enough to return to work.  

3) Do not sleep for more than 20 minutes: Taking a short power nap is a good idea. However, it is not advisable to sleep for a longer duration if you immediately want to return to studying.  

4) Do not eat a lot: Do not take a heavy meal while on a revision break for your exams. It will instantly make you drowsy and prevents you from giving 100% in the following study session.    

Now, we have a few suggestions of ways to take a break that allow you to return to studying with your full potential. You can choose the ones based on your interest.    

1) Have a dance party: Turn on your music and make some moves. It will help you break the monotony of working and feel rejuvenated. Ensure to put on some calming yet energetic music that doesn’t make you feel low.  

2) Sketch, Colour or Paint: Doing something that is close to one’s heart instantly relaxes you and makes you feel good about everything. Keep some colours and other material handy, so that you don’t waste time searching for it.  

3) Take a power nap: Who doesn’t love sleeping? Take a short rest for 15-20 minutes to relax your mind, body and soul. You'll wake up wanting to give your best. But do remember, if you overdo it, you’ll lose valuable time.  

4) Call a friend or meditate: Chat with a friend and talk for a few minutes. It is good to speak after silent study sessions. If you don’t enjoy talking, it is good to close your eyes and meditate for a while.  

5) Prepare your favourite meal: Cook a simple healthy meal that will give you much-needed energy and improve your concentration.    

Feel ready to have a productive day of studying? Remember, you can do it!

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