What to do if you fail your GCSE exams 

fail gcse exam resit

While facing the fact of failing a GCSE exam may be a lot to process, the point is that it’s not the end of the world. Some of the most successful people today like Simon Cowell walked the same path and managed to make it to the top regardless. Well, while there is no way to predict what the future may bring, there are still a few things that can be done before calling quits. Today, GSCE is not as easy as it used to be, and skipping a few lessons can sometimes be the cause of a bad grade. Still, this should not be a deciding factor in continuing the education, and especially not a deciding factor in the future career. 

It’s not the grade you’ve expected, so what? Getting into college is still possible, take a deep breath, and then do what you can. Here is what you should try out. 

1.   Talk to your teacher

Depending on the situation, the number one step is for you to talk to the teacher. Bear in mind they’ll offer you with guidance, and tell you your options. You’re not the first student in the school to get the bad marks or to fail GSCE exam, which means that there is always a solution, and the teacher will give you an insight. You might need to try exam resit or a sixth form, but maybe it can also be solved with an appeal. See what your teacher thinks is the best option, after all, you’re only a student. 

2.   Ask for re-evaluation

While this is only recommended if you’re sure that a mistake had been made, “ a review of marking” is a right way of changing the result. However, be prepared for a grade to go down as well, if something else is found. While re-evaluation is charged, if your class proves to in need of change, you’ll get the money back. The mistakes are common, so if you believe that’s not a level you’ve reached, make sure to consider this step as well. It takes roughly 20 days for you to get a result of re-evaluation, so have in mind that you need to take care of this before you begin studying for a college exam. Also, the whole process is carried on by the school, from the request to the results, so make sure to check with your school during the process.

3.   GSCE Exam Resit

When it comes to resitting, there are several ways you can prove your worth to the college you wish to go to. It can be through school, even though it is limited by the age, which means you can only stay until you’re 18 years old. Exam resit is also a good idea if you’re looking to get a higher mark, but the school is not the only place that offers you this. If you’re more of a flexible student, then studying online is also an option. There is an option of hiring a private tutor. No matter the option you choose, you’ll need to get the permission from the school, and you’ll probably need to pay a fee when taking a GSCE exam as you're considering an external candidate. 

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