Will I

Academic Qualifications

Ampleforth College
G.C.S.E: Art - A*, English Lit - A, English Language - A*, History - A*, Geography - A*, Theology - A*, French - A, Mathematics - A*, Biology - A*, Chemistry - A*, Physics - A*, Latin - A.
AS Level: English - A, History - A, Theology - A, Theatre Studies - A
A Level: English - B, History - A, Theology - A

Edinburgh University 2013-2017; MA hons in Religious Studies, 2:1 (68) - Honours thesis title - “Rewriting the unwritten: the potential for corruption in Political Islam’s reformulation of Islamic History.”
Relevant Courses - Global/Lived Religions, Religion and Nationalism, Palestine: promised land or land of conflict, Islam: Gender and Ethics, Christian - Muslim relations, Ethics etc.

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors
Common Entrance: English, Maths, Sciences
GCSE: English, History, Geography, Theology, Religious Studies A-Level: English, History, Geography, Theology, Religious Studies

I was an academic scholar and a prefect at my boarding school and my proudest role was helping the younger students, 13-14 yr old, with their academic work. I have recently tutored english and comprehension, as well as general homework skills. One of my students was in the middle of changing schools, so a lot of my responsibility was rooted in calming him down and preparing him for the transition. I am a firm believer in the need for individual programs and methods for teaching. Every pupil has a specific need - preferably, teaching is centred around confidence-building whilst understanding the subject’s core ideas. After a solid grasp of these foundations, we would move on to developing the student’s own ideas. If preparing for university, original input is a key way of achieving high marks. I am confident that my own experiences of teaching, and being taught, has put me in a prime position to educate.


Skills and Interests

I am calm and considerate and have spent most of my life surrounded by my six siblings, so family is a big part of my life. As a middle child, I have had to develop a lot of patience as well as adapting an open-minded attitude to the issues and perspectives of those around me. As a family we have wild debates over dinner, and this combined with my bustling boarding school atmosphere fuelled a love of debate at all levels. My youngest brother Hugh, is thirteen and very curious. I try to teach him about the wider political and social issues facing our age groups, but I often end up learning more from his perspective. He codes, makes small raspberry Pi computers (that I know nothing about) and is part of a generation I want to know of. Family holidays are camping off the dorset coast, the Lake district or the Pennines. I have a love for the outdoors instilled from childhood when we would camp at the base of mountains as my dad was climbing them. Rock-climbing and swimming in alpine lakes were a relief after twenty hour drives in our un-airconditioned VW camper van. I love music in most of its forms; from avidly listening to heavy metal to an annual obsession with Handel’s Messiah. I am surrounded by musicians and creatives, everyone working towards their own projects, and always bringing new ideas and positive energy to each other. I also spent four months travelling India, taking photographs and meeting people. I developed an appreciation for meditation. My grandfather was a sailor in the navy and wittled and became a carpenter in his retirement. My secret dream is to open a workshop and follow in his footsteps, but make do with carving small pieces for now.


Work Experience

2017 - ongoing; Tutor. eading and general homework help with a young student.
2017 - ongoing; Reader for Granta magazine.  critically assess 100 literary submissions monthly according to Granta standards and editorial constraints.
2016 - ongoing; Freelance editor. ditor on two projects; a book on melancholy, and a study on youth radicalisation and Muslims in Britain.
Summer 2016; Lead Actor in a sell-out play. -star reviewed production of Happy Yet? at the Edinburgh Fringe.
2010 - 2014; Mentor Initiative. art time (between studies) office administrative role for a malaria relief organisation, including collating invoices of NGO field-workers for quarterly audits.Summers of 2006 - 2011; General Farm Hand. enial labour on a small farm in North Yorkshire. Creosoting miles of fence and general farm work.


Personal Statement

I am an avid cook and spend a lot of my free time researching recipes and techniques. My attitude towards cooking has transformed from that of total fear and anxiety at my inevitable gastronomical failure, to one of joy and understanding. This only happened once I realised that I needed to know the underlying reason for adding an ingredient at a certain point; when to stir and when to leave well alone. It was only when learning core culinary (and chemical) concepts that I was finally able to find something that I love- a few years ago I would have burnt a salad. I believe this is the optimal way to learn- to discover something you want to become good at, and to motivate yourself from there. I think that in every subject - academic or otherwise - we can find a creative way to develop our understanding. For me, it was from youtube cooking videos, podcasts, and eventually articles that really got to grips with the science behind it all. I am fascinated by the progression from a sparked interest to a solid grasp of methodology. From a catholic monastic school I went on to Edinburgh University where my mentor, Prof. Mona Siddiqui, is one of the world’s leading scholars of Islam. I had two parallel experiences in religious studies; engaging with superficially conflicting ideologies- but ultimately, I found they had the same core values. This parallel has become a large part of my identity, I want to bridge the gap in understanding and teaching across cultures. I think that with an open mind, and appealing to our common humanity, we can face the current socio-political turmoil through education, and enlivening younger students with fun and engaging approaches. If we can tailor our curricula to the individual and their interests and anxieties, we will be able to address so much more. This is the main reason why I am passionate about tutoring.