Sheryl E

Academic Qualifications

American British Academy in Muscat, Oman (Middle East)


Biology – A*

Chemistry – A*

Environmental Management – A*

First Language English – A*

English Literature – A*

French – A

Mathematics – A


UWC Atlantic College in Wales, UK 

IB – 43 out of 45 points

Higher Level Geography – 7

Higher Level European History – 6

Higher Level English Literature – 6

Standard Level Environmental Systems and Societies – 7

Standard Level French ab – 7

Standard Level Math St – 7


Extended Essay – A

University College London

Law LLB degree

1styear: Criminal law, Contract law, Property I Law (Land), Public law (administrative and constitutional law) 

2ndyear: Tort law, EU law, Jurisprudence, Property II Law (Equity and Trusts)


Teaching Experience

IB level students (both first year and second year)

-      Geography 

-      Environmental Systems and Societies 

-      I work as a tutor teaching IB Students. 

-      I taught 8 different students all in their final year of IB during an Easter Revision Course live in a classroom. 

-      I still tutor in a mixture of live tutoring and online tutoring, demonstrating my skills in public speaking and communication. 

-      My students range from day students and boarding school students in both London, UK and Switzerland. 

-      I believe I am proficient with empathizing with my students and therefore, my students do request for me to teach them for multiple subjects (for example: Environmental Systems and Geography). This reflects that I am not only reliable and punctual, but also an engaging tutor, as I can make the lessons interesting and informative. 

-      I think what sets me apart from other tutors is that my tutorial sessions are dynamic and extremely clear. 

-      I like to think that my lessons are a two-way conversation where both the tutor and student can bounce off ideas off of each other and continue to learn. It is a great way to earn some money alongside my law degree and to pay for my bills in London. 

-      I am very good with young kids and children however, having taught several ‘Learn to Swim programmes’ in both Oman and Wales to local children in the community. I also am a qualified RNLI beach lifeguard, and therefore am good at communicating with children, teenagers and adults. 


Skills and Interests

-      I am an avid writer with a keen interest for creative writing and debating. 

-      As a strong, decisive leader with an international perspective as a ‘third culture kid’, I am motivated to overcome challenges. 

-      I am passionate about sports and the outdoors, and this passion has instilled self- discipline, resilience and team spirit to perform under pressure. 

-      As a volunteer beach lifeguard who is thoroughly trained in safeguarding peoples’ well being, I have played a hands-on role to serve the community. 

-      I can speak English fluently and mandarin conversationally. 


Work Experience

UNAIDS in Geneva, Switzerland in June 2017 

-      I worked with the Joint United Nations Programme of HIV/AIDS in Geneva, Switzerland for a month this summer 

-      To facilitate my learning on the various departments within UNAIDS 

-      To have the privilege to attend the Reference Group on AIDS and Human Rights 
conference as an intern 


UCL Legal Advice Clinic with the Centre of Access to Justice Team from November 2016 

-      I was the only first year to get the job and work alongside seniors at the UCL Legal Advice Clinic 

-      Job details: administrative work such as writing closing letters and summary of cases, filing of paperwork, contacting clients and arranging their meetings with the legal advisors 
Legal Internship at Eversheds International Law Firm, Dubai 2016 

-      Assisted in the legal team in a variety of matters: assisted in the preparation of a trial by organizing the trial bundles, undertaking proof-reading of witness statements and carrying out cross-referencing task 

-      Managing inter party correspondence (internally and externally) 

-      Undertook research tasks for Partners and Associates 



Business Development and Marketing Department at Baker McKenzie.Wong & Leow, Singapore 2015 

-      Assisted a wide range of activities across various practice groups 

-      Assisted in market and client research, the development of internal and external communications, compile capability statements and pitches, event planning and 
execution and a range of general administrative jobs 

-      Engagement with clients during client events 


Legal Department in Nawras Company in Muscat, 2013 (Oman’s leading telecommunications company)

-      Assisted the General Counsel with hands-on work analysing business transactions and breaches in contracts. A notable settlement involving multiple parties was to install telecommunication lines without impeding on oil production, whilst coinciding with the government's Exploration Production Sharing Agreement 


Legal Department in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Natural Gas and Liquidated Oil (In co-operation with International Shell Oil and Gas Company) 2014 

-      Work shadow experience to understand the corporate culture and legal department within PDO and Shell 


Raja Eleena Siew Ang & Associates Law Firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013 

-      Work shadow experience to understand contractual work done in South-East Asia, predominantly locally in the capital, Kuala Lumpur 


Volunteer Work 

Students Action for Refugees (STAR) volunteer work with refugees and asylum seekers from Northern Africa, the Middle East and Asia 

-      Did voluntary work in Cardiff with refugees from Northern Africa and Asia with STAR 

-      Listened to various recounts of destitute refugees being subjected to domestic violence 
or terroristic actions in their home country (eg. a North Korean asylum seeker) 


Students Against Prejudice (SAP) Member: To promote social awareness of human rights, sexism, disability issues 2011 – 2013 

-      Spread awareness about gender, disability and racial discrimination 

-      Conducted workshops to the younger school years and raised money to support the 
Charity Dar’Alta (providing rural Omani children an education) 

-      Played wheelchair basketball with the national handicapped basketball team 


Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Volunteer Lifeguard 2013 – 2015 

-      Providing water cover at the Iron Man Competition at Tenby in 2014 

-      Over 120 hours of patrolling various beaches in South of Glamorgan, Wales 

-      Teaching lifeguard first years of their responsibilities as Group Instructor 

-      Qualified with the Intensive Casualty Course Certificate for Advanced First Aid 

-      Pool-Lifesaver Qualification (Surf Life Saving Association of Wales) 

-      National Rescue Standard Beach Lifeguard (NARS) Lifeguard Qualification (Safety 
Training Awards) 


References: Available on request from Love Learning Tutors


Personal Statement

I have always liked and enjoyed playing with kids, whether they were my younger cousins or whether I was babysitting them from my neighbourhood. I therefore believe I have a good rapport with children and teenagers/young adults alike. I was first interested in tutoring/teaching when I was a young child (about age 8-9) when a new pupil (who was only about 5-6 years old) entered our international school. He was from China and could barely speak English and found the school intimidating and scary – which was completely understandable! My head-teacher recruited me to her office and told me that it would be great if I could accompany him during several classes (if I did not have an overlap with mine) and walk him to his next classes. That way, I could make him feel more comfortable and converse with him in Mandarin. I could also explain to him the tasks that he would have to do during class if the teacher was unable to properly instruct him (since there was a language barrier). It was so very rewarding to see him stop his tears and actually smile at the end of the lessons, and look more comfortable as our interactions continued! The day that he actually was confident enough to play and try conversing in English with the other children was really a fantastic day for me, where my efforts had paid off.  


I believe I am an enthusiastic and engaging teacher who is able to make learning stimulating and interesting for students of all abilities by explaining the subject in lay-peoples’ terminology. My learning plans are individualised to each student’s own particular needs; whether it be helping them with their assignments, preparing for exams, helping them with a difficult subject.


I strongly believe that one-on-one tutoring is so helpful and effective to the student, as more energy and time is invested into them. It not only allows the student gain confidence and the focus they might not have necessarily achieved in a larger class. I also believe that by having a bond with a tutor, it creates an almost mentor-student relationship where there is trust and a two-way conversation. I often become friends with my students who then want to add me on different social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram, so they may keep in contact with me and let me know how their exams or results went. I believe that this is hugely beneficial to the students to find success and progress in their studies. As a third culture kid having lived in various countries such as London, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Russia and Wales, I believe I have enhanced my inter-personal skills and gained a unique perspective on global issues.Being both open-minded and patient makes me suitable for this role, since a tutor will constantly be engaging with students and making sure they feel comfortable.