Olivia T

Academic Qualifications

University College London (UCL), London UK - BSc Anthropology (with Fieldwork) (Social, Medical, Biological, Material Culture), First with Honours (distinction)

Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania USA - BA Liberal Arts Program (Focus in: Anthropology, Sociology & Biology)

Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR - International Baccalaureate (IB) and Ontario Secondary School Diplomas with Distinction- 40 overall 

Higher Levels: Biology (7), English Literature (7), Visual Arts (7) 

Standard Levels: Maths Standard (5), History (7), Mandarin ab initio (4), (Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge: (3/3)          

Awards: Maple Leaf Award (Academic Excellence), Thinker Award (Critical Thinking), Lifelong Learner Award

American School in London, London UK

Teaching Experience

Tutor, London (UK)                                                                Tutor in Higher Level Biology for final year of International Baccalaureate, 4 hours per week                                                                        Tutor for Homework Help for age 11 (year 7)

Child Minding, London & Montreal (UK, CA)                                                                 Art Teacher ages 3-16, Childcare for ages 6 months to 7 years (various families), Camp Counselor ages 3-5  

Looking to Tutor:

Subjects at Higher Levels: Biology, Sociology, Anthropology, History, History of Art, English (both Literature and Language), Philosophy, the SAT examination, American University “Common App”

Subjects at Lower Levels: French, Science (general), (subjects listed above too)


Skills and Interests

I am a creative passionate individual whose interests range from writing, furniture building, painting, drawing, printmaking, reading, gardening and walking. I am bilingual (English and French), have two years experience learning Mandarin, and can speak Spanish conversationally. 


Work Experience

Humorist Writer & Translator for What Do You Meme?© (Comedy Game), HQ in New York.                                                  

Research Contributor for CARP London (Anthropology of Fisheries & Consumption)  London (UK)                                          

Agricultural Farming (Horticulture), Jardins de Courances, France (FR)                                                   Seasonal Farmer for the Gardens of Courances (500 hectares of farmland), local organic agroforestry initiative

Employee of BOMA Garden Centre, London (UK)                                                                    Barista, Cook, Baker, and Front of House for Arbour Café at Boma Garden Centre 

Personal Statement

I was educated in four different academic systems: the French in France, the American in London, and the Canadian and International Baccalaureate in Hong Kong. Moving between these academic structures as a child I had to learn to adapt. Of course, these transitions were not without difficulties. In my early education I was often faced with a lack of confidence in reference to my studies. However, with the careful tools of many of my teachers, a particularly inspiring tutor, my family, and my own hard work I understood the ways in which I could learn best within any academic setting. I found that I could overcome the difficulties of education by knowing myself as a student more than I could by learning a lesson. This confidence inspired me to be as curious and hardworking as I could be so that by the time I arrived at University College London to study Anthropology I was a dedicated, thoughtful, and inquisitive individual. I was equipped with life skills that continue to help me as I apply for a masters and that have endowed me with a particular sensitivity to the difficulties that individuals face at school, whether academic or social. Any student when empowered can overcome the rift they feel between themselves and an institution or subject.

Beyond the experiences I encountered as a student, as a tutor I have worked with children and young adults since the age of fourteen. Starting off as a camp councillor and babysitter, then becoming an art teacher and more recently teaching a final year international baccalaureate (IB) student biology, and an eleven-year- old general studies. While the ages and subjects I have tutored have surely been diverse they have given me fluency in understanding the foundations and complexities of learning and teaching, as well as how to adapt to the specific needs one may have.

My hope would be that through tutoring I could help students feel more empowered in their studies and pass on my love of learning in a fun and accessible way. I believe it is important to address what is both academically urgent and remote to help students feel more prepared for any academic situation, whether this be an important exam or reviewing coursework. My approach to tutoring is creative, I have often found that visual methods and explanations are particularly helpful when teaching, however I strive to find the perfectly suited method for every student. It is my intention that as a tutor I equip my students not only with the knowledge that is needed to perform well academically but with the skills that will guide them with their studies well beyond our sessions.