Louis S

Academic Qualifications

University College London - BSc (Econ) in Economics

Year 1: Mathematics for Economists, Accounting for Business, CORE Economics, History of Economic Thought, Statistics, Econometrics

Year 2: Computational Methods, Microeconomics, Macroeconomic Policy, Labour Economics, Quantitative Methods.

Lancing College

A-levels: Maths (A*) Physics (A*) Economics (A*)

AS-level: Politics (A)

12 GCSE’s: 8A*s and 4A’s

Ken Shearwood Scholar awarded for all-round attainment and contribution to College life.

Tutoring Experience

Love Learning Tutors

13+: Mathematics

GCSE: Economics and Mathematics

A-Level: Economics and Mathematics

Skills and Interests


I am a Level 2 Qualified LTA Tennis Coach, and have played competitive tennis for a long while, most recently with UCL BUCS Tennis Team,the RUMS 1sts, and recently a role coaching the UCL Medics Women’s team. Career “highlights” include a win of the Sussex County U18 Doubles in 2015, and Division 1 Regional tennis for my home club. I have played club cricket, and at school some team Hockey, Football, and Athletics. I’m a Newcastle United supporter, and have started a painful attempt at learning golf.

I am a Grade 8 Drummer, currently a House Band Drummer for UCL’s Live Music Society, and play in a couple of bands in London. Fairly realistic about a limited capacity to make it professionally, but I love playing with other musicians, self-teaching and improving through difficult songs. I enjoy all genres of music, go to gigs regularly, as well as seeing as much London theatre as I can. On recommendation from the uni Jazz Society I’m trying to learn some basic piano.

Work Experience

Coverwise Ltd.

Intern Statistical Analyst (4 weeks)

Helped create routines to identify potential fraudulent travel insurance claims using simple descriptive analysis.

Assessed likelihood of renewal to identify high value customers for price targeting strategy.

Mark Warner

Tennis Coach at Levante Beach Resort, Rhodes
Coaching tennis sessions for all ages and abilities including: Groups, Individual lessons, Cardio

Tennis, Shot of the Day, Mini Tennis, Juniors, Racket Stringing, Tournaments, “Tipsy Tennis”.


Employee of the Month

Trainer of new coaches during Peak Season.

The Gribble Inn

Bar and Waiting Staff

Behind the bar and waiting tables in small country pub in Aldingbourne.

Personal Statement

I’ve been very fortunate to have parents were extraordinarily encouraging with my education. My Mum in particular was always happy to try and help despite finding the subjects I study “horrifying!”. I found that I learnt best from attempting to explain the topics I was struggling with to others; when at home this mainly was to my Mum. Most of the time we came away from revision sessions with a better understanding of what we knew, and a new recognition of what I didn’t.

After some trial and error, I found it worked best to break topics down to their foundations, and build up slowly, focussing on an understanding of the mechanisms rather than memorising the rules; self-derivation has been really useful at university, and has the side-effect of reducing the amount needed to learn. This frames my main approach to tutoring.

The process of teaching friends and being taught made revision much more enjoyable at school, and I felt it developed a confidence to ask questions I didn’t know the answers to. Hopefully I can now spread some of my ample “nerdy” enjoyment for the subjects, encourage asking big questions, and develop the confidence of tutees to teach/explain ideas clearly to others.

While coaching in Greece, I particularly enjoyed giving individual lessons. They allowed for the students to ask questions freely, coaching to be tailored specifically to different personalities, and improvements in the game made very quickly. The most rewarding aspect was seeing a growing joy for the sport, and a desire to improve that hopefully remained post tournaments (quite similar to exams I think!).

As a tutor, I hope to find the same rewards with academic challenges. The aim is to create a positive relationship with learning, help grow the tools necessary for a student to reach their full potential, and hopefully improve performance in both the short-run and wherever the next step takes them.