Academic Qualifications

International School Bangkok:

International Baccalaureate Diploma- 44/45 points

Chemistry HL:7 Physics HL:7 Business Management HL:7

English A Lang/lit:7 Mathematics SL:7 French B SL:7

University College London:

Msci Chemistry with Management Studies


Teaching Experience

Love learning tutors: Tutor


IB/A level: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics

IB: Business Management

GSCE: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics

American Embassy School, New Delhi: Junior Swim Instructor, September 2012- May 2013


Skills and Interests

My main hobbies include running and cycling, I competed in many cross country and athletics tournaments throughout high school and several bike races since coming to university. I greatly enjoy listening to music and playing the guitar and bass. I have lived in five countries, Japan, China, India, Thailand and the United Kingdom. As a result, I greatly enjoy travelling and seeing the world. I can speak four languages, Japanese and English at a native level, Swedish and French at a proficient level.


Personal Statement

I can attribute a lot of my own success to the tutors I had growing up. As a young child, I struggled a lot with academics as my family moved to a new city every three or four years. Each time I would have to adjust to a new school, new culture, new friends and a new curriculum. It was hard catching up with the other children in a new school. Having tutors really helped me, I found that the one-on-one environment of tutoring was a lot more effective than a regular classroom setting. Many of the study skills my tutors taught me I still use today, even as a university student. I would like to extend this knowledge and these skills I have learned over the years to my pupils.

I believe as with learning, teaching requires a lot of patience. I used to teach small children how to swim, the first step in teaching was to build enough confidence in simply stepping into the pool. However, after this initial step, the rest of the learning process was a lot faster. Academic tutoring is the same, the key is to build confidence, build upon past knowledge and to not rush the process. Growing up having peers and teachers from lots of different cultures has made me a very open minded and understanding individual. I believe that this quality greatly helps me as a tutor.