Kishaan S


The Winston Churchill School| GCSEs                                                      

4A*s and 5As inc. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry                                                     

The Sixth Form College Farnborough | A-Levels                                                      

2A*s and 2A’s inc. Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics

Imperial College London | MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering       

Interesting Modules: Applied Dynamics, Geotechnical Hazard, Computational Engineering Analysis, Concrete and Steel Design


Love Learning Tutors                  

GCSE: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A-Level: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics

A+ Tec Tutoring School

GCSE: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

A-level: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics


From my experience in an engineering course I have gained a suite of computational skills:

Proficient with: Microsoft Office and MATLAB (programming)

Competent with: AutoCAD, Abaqus and Python

My interests lie in engineering, technology and finance. My favourite journals are IStructE’s “The Structural Engineer”, The Economist and The Financial Times.

In my free time I like to play sports, my favourite is boxing. I also love to travel, as of now I have visited more than 40 different cities around the world. I also love listening to all music ranging from classical to techno.


ARUP | Seismic Geotechnical Intern                                                      

Cards Geotechnics Limited (CGL) | Geotechnical Engineering Intern   

Sainsbury’s Petrol | Customer Service Assistant                                                 

Personal Statement

Good teaching in my formative years has set me up for life, and I remember fondly those who taught me well. Without their help I would not be doing Civil Engineering in Imperial College London, the top university in Europe and the third best university in the world for my course. Having followed Hinduism since I was a child, we are taught that there are three beings that you must follow and have the greatest impact in your life, in the following order: parents, teacher and lastly God. Due to this, I have always understood a teacher’s role is crucial in a child’s upbringing. I believe I am an enthusiastic teacher who can make learning stimulating and fun for all students, whilst showing them the possibilities that their education brings them. Following my belief that education is a preparation for life I aim to nurture confidence, by concentrating on positive achievements, and building on these in a supportive and trusting environment. My varied interests in music, sport, film and TV allow me to get along with any student and usually form great friendships. This rapport in a one-on-one setting forms a bond which goes beyond the traditional bond of teacher and pupil is an integral part to the success of tutoring, to the increased enjoyment of the child and ultimately the success of the child.