Academic Qualifications

University College London — Natural sciences (Msci)

September 2015- July 2019

●     Organic Chemistry with Genetics

Canon Slade Sixth Form— A-Level

September 2013- July 2015

●      A Levels:  Biology (A*), Geology (A), Chemistry (B),  AS Level: English Literature (A)

Turton High School — GCSE’s

September 2015- July 2019

●     10 GSCE: 4A*, 5A ,1B



Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: Maths, English, Science, RS, Verbal/Non-verbal reasoning, Exam technique, Pre-test

GCSE: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, RS, Business, Geography, Geology,

A-Level: Biology, Chemistry, Geology

Personal Tutor - January to June 2017

GCSE: Biology and Chemistry


Skills and Interests

I have enjoyed dance since a young age and have completed my grade 7 examinations in both modern and ballet. I love to travel, over the previous two summers I travelled around Europe

and then this year spent three months as an international volunteer in Ethiopia. I am also an avid reader, a passion that has grown since taking my AS in English literature.


Work Experience

Nanny - September 2016 to present

During term time I nanny part time for a family, taking care of their 10 year old daughter during the evenings. This has taught me a number of skills including the ability to communicate well with children and how to best understand their needs. It has also given me confidence to adapt quickly and calmly in sometimes challenging situations.


Personal Statement

My first experience of tutoring was when I taught a boy studying for his GCSEs. I was asked by his parents to help improve his understanding of Biology and Chemistry in the run up to examinations. After a few lessons I could see that both his grasp of the material and confidence in answering questions had developed greatly, and therefore his enthusiasm for the subjects had improved too. I believe tutoring can be an excellent addition to the school curriculum and these changes in the knowledge and enthusiasm of my students continues to motivate me to tutor. I hope to be able to share my own passion for Science and English with young people, not only to pass their exams but to help them appreciate that the topics they learn at school aren't just abstract ideas but can be deeply interesting and applicable in real life. As a university student, both my GCSE and A-level examination experiences are fairly fresh. Remembering the difficulties that I had myself during my studies helps me understand those that my student may be having. I have experience in tailoring lesson material to each student, integrating a range of materials in order to help them develop a wider and more rounded understanding of the subject and make each sessions as engaging as possible. We will monitor their progress together to build self-assurance in their abilities and make sure that all the skills they need for future revision and examinations have been covered. As I am still a student myself, I hope to be both a tutor and role model to my students, building their knowledge, confidence, and in turn increasing their academic success.