Joseph B

Academic Qualifications

Bishop Wordsworth’s School


7A*s and 5 As

A Levels

Chemistry       A

Physics            A

Maths              A

Geology           A


University College London

MSci Natural Sciences: Major in Organic Chemistry, minor in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

I have received a 1stclass degree mark in both first and second years. I begin my third year September 2018.


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors:

GCSE:  Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geology and Human Biology.

A-Level: Chemistry 

AS level Maths

I have previously tutored in my school in Chemistry and Maths. 


Skills and Interests

I have played tennis competitively for over 10 years and spent several summers as a tennis coach. I have also played lacrosse for my university.

I particularly enjoy Ancient History and I took GCSEs in Latin and Ancient Greek to pursue this interest. Recently, I have used my time in London to see some of the Classical artworks in the famous galleries. 


Work Experience

I have worked as a secretary for the last two summers in a solicitor’s firm. I am familiar with dealing with distressed clients as well as adhering to court deadlines. This has provided me with the ability to organise under intense or stressful situations.

I also worked as a tennis coach for a couple of summers. This has made me capable of breaking down new concepts to a young audience. It required pre-planning of sessions and organising subsequent sessions based on areas that needed improvement. 

Within my secondary school and sixth form I tutored students in multiple subjects including maths, religious studies and chemistry.


Personal Statement

As someone who looks back on their secondary education with fond memories, I understand how being inspired by a subject can be tantamount to a student’s learning. I personally remember walking into my first chemistry lesson when I was 11 and coming out with an overwhelming sense of excitement (possibly because they let me set fire to things!). With this intrinsic inspiration I now hope to instil this excitement in other students, preparing for their life ahead. Whether the student is struggling with their work or they are looking for a final few marks, I can provide the final touch or the helping hand they need.

Tutoring itself, has always been something I’ve enjoyed. Throughout my school I regularly helped students of younger ages with their studies across a plethora of arts and sciences. This showed me how important creating an enjoyable learning environment is for the tutee. This coupled with my tennis coaching experience, means I can supply a fun and exciting session while also maintaining a hardworking environment for the student to learn. 

As I am now going into my third year of university I have a lot of experience with exam technique and preparation (sometimes more than I would like!). Chatting to my students and making sure they are aware of not just what to put in the questions but how to answer them correctly, I think is especially important to their learning. By engaging my students in a secure and friendly environment while still combating challenging material, I aim to offer a complete tutoring experience.