Fern P

Academic Qualifications

Rickmansworth School

Head Girl


Mathematics A*

Further Mathematics A

Physics: A


Mathematics: A*

English Language: A*

English Literature: A*

Biology: A*

Chemistry: A*

Physics: A*

German: A*

Geography: A*

Drama: A*

Astronomy: A

Free-Standing-Mathematics- Qualification: A

University College London (UCL)

MSci Physics

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

GCSE: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy

A-Level: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics

GCSE Physics: 2 students brought from D grade to A grade under AQA examination board.

GCSE Mathematics: An English and Arts oriented student needing extra support in mathematics

AS-Level Mathematics: Sixth form students studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics


Skills and Interests

I play Lacrosse for University College London and I am the captain of one our teams. This is great fun and has really shaped my time at UCL. I also love travelling, managing to study full time and travel to 7 different countries during my first year of my undergraduate degree! (My bank account suffered a bit though). Driving is also another hobby of mine, and I love getting into the car and driving for miles with no deadlines and quality music playing.

In terms of “academic” hobbies, I love computer coding and teaching myself new languages. I’m about to launch a company based on teaching Computational Physics in Python to Sixth form students. I frequently work with the UCL Physics Outreach team where I get to teach all sorts of Physics to a wide range of people; something I take great pleasure in doing. I also love spoken language, and try to refresh my German ability whenever I have the time.


Work Experience

University College London

-       Observatory demonstrator (UCLO)

-       Transition Mentor

-       Academic Representative


Three Rivers District Council

-       Team Leader for youth/play working team

Rickmansworth School

-       Recreation Assistant

Personal Statement

Funnily enough, I spent the first three years of secondary education hating mathematics, and being only mildly interested in science – physics being the least appealing to me. What changed was the teachers I had. I had one maths teacher completely turn my world around and got me on the right path, enabling me to see the real beauty behind maths and the sciences. I spent a long time at school underestimating my own ability, and it took this one teacher 5 years of teaching me before I realised my full potential. But he never gave up. I used to be extremely nervous in his classes that I would be chosen and then get an answer wrong. Over time, he built up my confidence and really looked after both the academic and pastoral sides of my life. He predicted all the grades I would get in maths from GCSE, FSMQ, AS-Level and A-level and never got it wrong, even when I was convinced he was overestimating my ability. I used to laugh at the idea of doing maths A-level, and with this one teacher I actually went on to do maths AND further maths A-level, before going on to study a maths-based subject at university. This man had the most incredible influence on me, and I would absolutely love the opportunity to help someone how he helped me. I know first-hand how much your life can change when you meet a teacher or tutor who uncovers your confidence and love for a subject.


I first became interested in tutoring when I saw two people very close to me struggling through their GCSE Physics. I knew these two girls well, and I was certain this had nothing to do with their academic ability. After asking them why they felt they were struggling, it became clear that they were not responding to the teaching style of their school teacher. I was determined to see these two girls pass their Physics exams with flying colours, so that is what we started to work towards. I also created thorough, friendly folders filled with colourful resources covering everything they would need to know for the exams. These were all handwritten by myself as opposed to being found online. Within a few months both girls improved dramatically, not only in their performance, but in their confidence also, which was incredibly rewarding to see. Both students have now gone on to study degrees in Science at university.