Felix O

Academic Qualifications

St John’s Marlborough

11 GCSEs including As in all three sciences and Philosophy and Religion          


Philosophy and Ethics – A                  

Biology – A

Chemistry – B

Physics - B

King’s College London

1st Class in Biochemistry BSci

Associateship of King’s College


Teaching Experience

-       My previous students have been based in day schools in London as well as private schools in Wiltshire.

-       I have previously tutored students about to take their common entrance exams and GCSE’s.

-       In my final year of A-Level I would assist my Physics teacher in his year seven class and help individual students

-       I am proficient in tutoring all sciences up to A-Level and Philosophy and Ethics up to AS.

-       I hold the level 1 LTA coaching qualification and have taught at tennis Xperience in large tennis lessons and provided one on one hitting sessions to improve performance players skill

Skills and Interests

-       I am keen tennis player and have competed and coached for KCL tennis

-       I am passionate about Jazz and Blues and enjoy playing Bass guitar

Work Experience

-       Interned at the KCL Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics in Dr Cameron Osborne’s lab which focuses on genome organisation in relation to pathology – 2018

-       Worked as an assistant at Charles Somers Locations (London Film and Commercial Production Location Manager) – 2016-17

References: Available on request from Love Learning Tutors


Personal Statement

 I owe the passion I hold for the sciences and philosophy to the teachers who inspired me somewhere along the way in my academic life. It is these individuals who provoked me, in one way or another, to ask that first burning question about a topic, that previously, I hadn’t given any thought to. This curiosity has not left me since and neither has my recognition of their encouragement. The understanding that I would not be as ardent a student had these people not motivated me is what drives me as a tutor.


My prior experience assisting teaching and tutoring has helped me mature into a capable and efficient tutor. When I was assisting my A-Level physics teacher with his younger classes he would always commend and be excited by students who asked questions which he could not answer. He claimed it demonstrated the student to have the same level of understanding of the content as the teacher, and we would look up the answer to the question together. This proved to be a powerful lesson to me when I began tutoring as one of my own students asked me a question which I could not answer, I was filled with pride and was quick to congratulate them. I also gained valuable skills for teaching when coaching tennis. A large majority of my time as a coach was spent in one on one sessions with the younger performance players (ages 10-14), this role required me to be patient and clear when giving instructions as these players tended to be the more competitive and more emotional of the club.


I believe the role of the tutor is to provide a relaxed and positive environment for the tutee to exercise their understanding of the topic, and insure they are enjoying the process of learning. I aim to implement this when tutoring by celebrating the tutees progress and making sure they are aware of their improvement. I also consider it essential for the tutor to consistently encourage the student to check their own understanding as a means of ensuring they understand the content. For me, the best way to achieve this is by creating a detailed schedule on the first session of what areas the student is looking to improve upon, and then patiently work through each area. Furthermore, at the start of any session I believe it is vital to consolidate what was done in the previous one and guarantee the student is comfortable to move on. This allows for the sessions to form one continual lesson as oppose to a random array of content.