Christian T

Academic Qualifications

The International School of Paris

IB Diploma (Awarded Bilingual Diploma)

HL Spanish: 7

HL Theatre Studies: 7

HL English Language and Literature: 6

SL Maths Studies: 6

SL French Language and Literature: 5

SL Environmental Systems & Societies: 5

TOK + EE: 2

IB points: 38points

A-Level (equivalent): A*A*A


University College London

BA Modern Languages - Spanish & Italian


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

GCSE, A-Level, IB:

  • English Language and Literature

  • French Language and Literature

  • Spanish Language and Literature


Skills and Interests

Alongside my academic pursuits I am a keen actor and musician. I have been playing the piano for over 10 years with the American Conservatory of Paris. I have a passion for singing and writing music - compositions of which I have had the opportunity to perform at my local Town Hall. In addition, I have a love for helping others, including annually volunteering in an orphanage for disabled children in Sri Lanka, and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for paediatric brain cancer.


Work Experience

Social Media Marketer

TRIBE, London

UCL Ambassador

Huggle App, London


Moreish Deli Cafe, London

Events and Backstage Manager

Oxford Fashion Studio, Paris

Founder and Workshop Manager

Modern Languages Society, Paris


Personal Statement

Having had tutors myself growing up, I was able to decipher what style of teaching worked best for me: making the subject approachable, simplifiedand actually enjoyable. This method of learning allowed me to excel in an array of subjects throughout my schooling and learn to love them, especially languages. This passion propelled me to study two languages at university, one of which I began from scratch (Italian). Having had to learn a new language from the ground up again has reminded me on how to approach it in its entirety without fear or apprehension, and this is what made me want to help others adopt the same attitude towards languages. Becoming a tutor allows me to give students the confidence that they lack around the specific subject area and not only teach them but motivate them to perform at a high standard. What is so unique about the tutorial-based system is the one-on-one experience that students so seldom get from school. Being able to create a bond with the student makes the learning experience more personal and catered to the student’s academic needs - something they wouldn’t receive in a classroom setting. As much as I am giving to the student, tutoring also gives back, allowing me to learn and improve whilst showing me new and exciting ways to approach a subject as each student learns and understands them differently. Lastly, through tutoring, I hope to pass on my skills, knowledge and method to the student, allowing them to feel comfortable and trusting to form a friendship, which will allow them to thrive and progress academically.