Academic Qualifications

Bishopston Comprehensive School - 10 A* GCSE’s

(Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, Latin, History)

UWC Atlantic College - International Baccalaureate, 41 points

HIGHER LEVEL: English Literature (7) Spanish B (6) French B (6)

STANDARD LEVEL: Maths Studies (7) History (6) Biology (6)

University College London (UCL) - BA Comparative Literature with Spanish

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

English, Spanish, French, History

NGO Oye LENA: June & July 2016

Taught at a primary school in Peru

Non-native support scheme: September 2014 to May 2015

Designed and co-ordinated a system of tutorial sessions for non-native English speakers studying the IB

Skills and Interests

I speak Spanish very proficiently, as have studied the language for 5 years and spent six months travelling South America last year. I love travelling and learning about new cultures, especially those that allow me to reflect on my own.

My main interests lie within the arts, as I have spent my whole life engaging with music and drama. I spent a few years teaching in a theatre school, as well as working as a music therapist for autistic and special needs children alongside my studies. I have received training in both acting and singing which has enabled me to make the most out of performance opportunities, such as leading an acapella choir and founding a street theatre group. I continue to be very involved with the arts at university.

Personal Statement

I have always appreciated enthusiastic teachers, and recognised how a visible passion for a subject can make a significant difference. This is my priority as a tutor, to share my enthusiasm of the subject with the student, because enjoying the learning process is the first step to success. Obviously not everyone is inspired by every subject they must study, and thus it’s my role to draw links between the student and the subject, tailoring their skills and passions to the requirements of the curriculum. When a student feels connected to a topic they are far more likely to be confident with exploring it, and this positive approach to learning is how they can reach their full potential. The one-on-one experience of tutoring allows me to function alongside a specific learning plan, which I can construct, work through, and review, with the student themselves. The most important thing is that the student has the confidence and skills to take charge of their own learning, as this is ultimately what will allow them to succeed.