Cara V

Academic Qualifications

Bristol Grammar School
A2 Level: 2 A*s and 1 A; AS Level: 4 As; GCSEs: 6 A*s and 4 As

University College London
History with Spanish

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors
Common Entrance: English, History, Spanish, Music, French GCSE: English, History, Spanish, Music, French
A-Level: English Literature, History, Spanish

Spanish tutor: AS Level Spanish

Skills and Interests

Spanish: B2-C1 level of fluency.

Singing: Experienced performer in musical theatre; Grade 8 in Classical Singing (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music); Member of National Youth Choir of Great Britain; Co-founder of band Five Mile End.

Writing: Keen blogger and article writer with special interest in theatre, food and travel.

Other interests: skiing, current affairs and cooking Italian food.

Work Experience

Article writer for Good News Shared
Front of house at Bellita (tapas restaurant and wine bar)
Front of house at Flour & Ash (pizza restaurant)
Waiter, bartender and receptionist at Backwell House (boutique hotel)

Cleaner for Apto Solutions Ltd

Other Notable Experience

Peer mentor (trained in counselling)

Personal Statement

I am lucky enough to have had an excellent education, and remarkable teaching throughout my school career confirmed my belief that we are shaped immensely by our teachers and mentors. I have extremely fond memories of several of my teachers, and the one thing they all have in common is that they not only improved my knowledge and skills in my subjects, but also boosted my confidence in myself immeasurably. This is something I wish to pass on in my role as a tutor.

Having recently finished my school education, I am in great stead to guide a student through the trying exam period, and have a fresh approach to this difficult time having experienced it more recently than a schoolteacher. Exams are inevitably very stressful, and I am well-equipped to help the student deepen their understanding and confidence with the material, while simultaneously being able to relate to the student’s anxieties. The ability to relate to the student and form a bond that goes beyond that of a traditional teacher-student relationship is crucial to successful tutoring.

I tutored a young woman in AS Level Spanish last year, and found it incredibly rewarding watching how the new approach I brought to the material helped her excel in the subject and build her self-assurance. She was not at all confident in her abilities when we started, but by individualising the learning methods to her needs and preferences and nudging her towards the right answers in a way that allowed her to reach the conclusions by herself, I was able to nurture her confidence so that she felt prepared and sure of herself by exam time.

Although I have had only some experience tutoring, I am a trained Peer Mentor and through this work I led one-on-one counselling sessions with children from the ages of 11 to 17. As a result I have a deepened understanding of how to help children and young people approach the challenges in their lives, and I am a good listener. These skills are essential in tutoring: through listening to the student’s needs and worries, I will be able to personalise the sessions and create a learning environment that is safe, enjoyable and supportive, where they can reach their full potential.