Alex W

Academic Qualifications

BA Hons History, Jesus College, University of Oxford

Graduated with an upper Second Class, Division One (2.i), av. 67

Awarded academic scholarship for Distinction in first year examinations 

MSc Political Theory, The London School of Economics and Political Science (expected 2019) 

Shrewsbury School 

GCSEs: English Literature: A*, English Language: A*, History: A*, Maths: A*, Dual Science: 2 A*s, Art: A*, RS: A*, French: A*, Geography: A*

A-levels/Pre-U: English Literature: A*, Philosophy and Theology: A*, History (Pre-U): D3 (A/A* equivalent)  


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: English, History, Religious Studies

GCSE: English (Literature and Language), History, Religious Studies

A-Level: History 

English Teaching Assistant, San Augustin School, Chiclayo, Peru (July-September 2016) 


Skills and Interests

I am an avid reader of everything from Greek philosophy to 19th century Russian novels, with an especial love of 20thcentury writers like Virginia Woolf and Vladimir Nabokov. I love reading because of those moments, to quote Alan Bennett’s The History Boys, when ‘you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else.’ 

I’m also sociable and active, I try and entertain friends and go running regularly. With a father in the foreign office, I’ve been very fortunate in living abroad several times, including in Nigeria and South Korea. Exploring new places and finding out as much as possible about the local culture and history is an interest I’ve maintained with recent trips to Peru and China. 

Stemming from an interest in politics and current affairs I was considerably involved in student journalism at university, honing effective communication and editorial skills. 

Having recently moved to London, I’m enjoying exploring its broad range of museums and galleries. 


Work Experience

Comment Editor and Deputy Investigations Editor for Cherwell student newspaper, Oxford’s leading independent student publication

President and Secretary of the JR Green Historical Society, Oxford’s oldest student run history society

Barista Maestro at Costa Coffee, Godalming 


Personal Statement

I remember well the teenage apathy to subjects like History and English, they were boring and inaccessible: the irrelevant activities or nonsensical writings of the long dead. It took dedicated and inspiring teachers to puncture this perception and slowly show me how brilliant and enjoyable the humanities could be. I feel that tutoring is the perfect environment for this process to take place. In the classroom, the particular quirks and interests of an individual can be subsumed and overlooked. In a one-on-one context the tutor can build a rapport with the pupil and find creative ways of bringing a subject to life based on the student’s particular interests. I want to be there, armed with fun facts and stimulating analogies to help spark a curiosity and change the way they see the subjects I teach. I’ve always enjoyed having lively intellectual conversations and helping others with their work where possible, from friends at school to my mum, who recently began studying again. I recently gave English tuition to an eleven-year-old in Peru. Having heard that he was eager to learn, but wasn’t finding his English classes at school stimulating, it was a pleasure to see his enthusiasm grow as I chatted to him about things he genuinely found interesting: Japanese cartoons and his cats, in this instance. Whilst good tutoring of course involves assisting with essay structure and helping learn useful content, I think it is also essential to provoke debate and try and get pupils to think on their feet in a way that helps build their confidence and enjoyment.