Ahilya M

Academic Qualifications

Newcastle High School for Girls GCSEs:
History A*, Music A*, Drama A, Maths A, Chemistry A, Physics A, Spanish A, English Literature A, Biology B, English Language B

AS Levels:
Drama and Theatre Studies A

A2 Levels:
Maths A*
Chemistry A
Drama and Theatre A

University College London: Chemistry MSci

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors
Common Entrance
GCSE: Maths, Chemistry
A-Level: Chemistry, Theatre Studies, Maths

Have previously tutored GCSE Spanish and A Level Maths within school.

Skills and Interests

I have many skills and interests ranging from swimming to music. I am trained in classical Indian singing as well as having Grade 5 in both singing and piano; I also play acoustic and bass guitar. I am fond of theatre and musical theatre. I have been in various Shake- speare plays during my time at school such as A Winters’ Tale and Othello and have also been in Musicals such as RENT and West Side Story.

I am also quite fond of sport. I regularly go to the gym and also have a black belt in Ju- Jitsu.

Personal Statement

Having personally experienced an incredible education through which I have learnt to love the subjects that I do, especially Chemistry, I strive to be able to help and encourage others to enjoy their education as much as I did. From my own experience, I know that a “love” for a particular subject may not develop as quick for some than it does for others, however, this is the reason why I am motivated to tutor: so I can help others develop an understanding and confidence to the point where the subject is enjoyable. I believe that the ability to relate to a child and form a bond unalike the bond of a teacher and a pupil is an essential part to the success of tutoring and increases the enthusiasm the child has for a subject. I believe that learning should not just be limited to the classroom but should also be expanded to everyday life. It should be combined with current events as well as other subjects in the arts, sciences and humanities. I have a strong passion for the arts, such as music and theatre, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for these as much as I enjoy reaction mechanisms, thermodynamics or even integration. Despite recently finishing school, I still believe that this has an advantage on my tutoring skills as the majority of the work is still very much fresh in my mind as well as being used on a regular basis when studying my current degree. It also means that I am well experienced when it comes to exam technique and revision methods as these are skills I am still using frequently.