By studying psychology students understand themselves, and those around them better. It helps students appreciate every stage of human development and discover current research methods. Psychology is an attractive choice for many students as it develops a range of valuable transferrable skills, such as critical analysis, independent thinking and research.

Our experienced psychology tutors are here to tackle any problem areas. They are passionate about their subject and are ready to help students overcome any obstacle in order to help them achieve the grades they need to take their studies to the next level.


GCSE Psychology

Making sense of other people

Making sense of other people

Understanding other people

A-level Psychology

Cognitive psychology

Developmental psychology

Research methods

Social psychology

Individual differences

Biological rhythms and sleep




Eating behaviours


Intelligence and learning

Cognition and development


Psychology in action

IB Psychology

The biological, cognitive and sociocultural levels of analysis

Abnormal psychology

Developmental psychology

Health psychology

Psychology of human relationships

Sports psychology

Qualitative research in psychology

Experimental research methology