Academic Qualifications

The Royal Latin Grammar School

GCSE’s: 13 subjects all A-A* including, Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, and Chemistry

A Level: Chemistry A, Psychology A, Biology B, Philosophy and Religion (AS level) A

King’s College London - BSc Neuroscience 


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

GCSE: Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, History, Religious Studies, Theatre Studies

A level: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics (AS level)


Skills and Interests

I have a love of music and am a keen self-taught guitarist for 10 years now, I also am teaching myself to play piano in my spare time. I am fully involved in the sciences and take any opportunity to go to scientific events and lectures, as well as often going back to my secondary and primary school to help out with lessons and science fairs. In my spare time, I really enjoy baking and cooking.


Work Experience

Waitrose customer service: 2013 to 2015

Prego restaurant waitress: 2016 to present


Personal Statement

If it weren’t for certain tutors in my past, my love for learning and for my subjects may never have blossomed like it did. Being taught and nurtured by someone who was so passionate gave me the confidence to ask questions and step outside my comfort zone. I find that one-on-one time can be so rewarding when teaching someone, as it builds confidence that a child may lack in the classroom due to the presence of their peers. Self-confidence, whether it be academic or not, is vital in development and I believe tutoring can contribute greatly to a child’s self-belief. In my own experience, being tutored meant I could go at my own pace and also received personal encouragement whilst I did. An advantage of tutoring, especially from someone my age, is that I will be explaining and teaching content in a way that works for the child, some things may need explaining multiple times in different ways, which is something the classroom lacks, whereas a tutor can provide this personalised syllabus and teaching method suitable for the pupil. I have helped many younger friends and colleagues through exam period that I went through myself, giving me the ability to empathise with their anxieties first hand. This added element can give a child confidence not only in the tutor, but in themselves, if I can do it, so can they!