Will S

Academic Qualifications

King’s School in Macclesfield

GCSEs: Maths – A*; English Language – A; English Literature – A*; Chemistry – A*; Physics – A*; Biology – A*; French – A*; Music – A*; History – A*; Astronomy – A*; Latin – A*.

A Levels: Maths – A*; Chemistry – A*; Music – A; Further Maths – B.

A/S Levels: Physics – A; History – A.

University College London

Master’s in Science in Natural Sciences - Class 2:1  (majoring in Physics and Physical Chemistry)


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors: February 2019

Maths(up to A Level) , Chemistry (up to A Level), Physics (up to A Level), Biology (up to GCSE)  and Music (up to GCSE)


GCSE: Worked as a teaching assistant for some GCSE classes at the King’s School in Macclesfield. I also helped my friends, during the exams, by having revision sessions together. Here we discussed problems and essay question and how we would go about answering them.

A-Level: Have some experience as a teaching assistant in A Level lessons. I helped my brother and his friends who were struggling on certain parts of the Maths and Chemistry A Level programme.


Skills and Interests

My studies at University College London have helped me to develop my problem solving and analytical skills. I have good communication skills, from my course presentations and my involvement in societies.
I’m interested in Music and Drama. I love going to concerts and seeing shows, as well as being a part of them. I have achieved ABRSM Grade 8 in French Horn, Singing and Music Theory. My experience of having one-to-one music lessons has really helped my ideas for tutoring. I love history and storytelling, with my favourites stories come from Greek Mythology.

Work Experience

I have worked as a teaching assistant and lab assistant at the King’s School in Macclesfield from February to July 2016. I helped teachers in the Science and Music departments with preparation for their lessons and also answering questions from the pupils.

Personal Statement

My interest in tutoring began during my work as a teaching assistant at the King’s School in Macclesfield. Here I helped students who were struggling in lessons by answering their questions as well as sparking their further interest in the subject. Now, I am keen to share my passions for learning to help encourage students with their education. Moving from a class of 20 to one-on-one means that I can tailor the sessions for the benefit of the student. Creating a programme that builds the student’s confidence is essential for their development. Purposefully tailored sessions that use

the pupil’s interests can lead to a new understanding and enjoyment of the subject which then leads to success. Developing a pupil’s skills is important to me. Focusing on these is vital for a student to achieve their academic potential. Building a friendly, positive and encouraging work environment will help a student to feel comfortable and confident when they are learning. Creating a strong, friendly bond with the student helps to achieve these goals. This can help them to feel at ease especially in stressful circumstances, such as exams. I aim to further their development, enjoyment and interest in the subject, helping a student to reach their full potential and achieve their academic best.