Sanjana V

Academic Qualifications

United World College of the Atlantic - International Baccalaureate

Higher Level English Language and Literature – 7

Higher Level Global Politics – 7

Higher Level Economics – 6

Mathematical Studies - 7

Standard Level French - 6

Standard Level Biology – 5

St.Christopher’s School - GCSE’s

Biology – A*

English Language – A*

English Literature – A*

French – A*

History – A*

Mathematics – A* (accelerated)

Chemistry – A

Economics – A

Physics – A

Drama – A


King’s College London

B.A. Liberal Arts, majoring in Politics and Philosophy

Politics, Philosophy, Arabic, Film Studies, Geography


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: Science, History, English, RS, Spelling, Verbal Reasoning, Exam Technique, Non-Verbal Reasoning – (NOTE : did not take common entrance myself but have tutored in it before)

GCSE:  Politics, Economics, Typing, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Maths, English, R.S.,Theatre Studies

A-Level / International Baccalaureate : Politics, Economics, English, Math, Biology

Clarendon Tutors – September 2015 –January 2017

Tutoring a 11 year old girl in Kensington in Mathematics, English, Creative Writing & essay help, Biology, Chemistry, Physics  

Babysitting – in various capacities

Babysitting and nannying children of various ages, reading books etc


Skills and Interests

I’m interested in creative and cultural sectors, such as art, media and writing. I read voraciously, particularly current affairs as well as contemporary fiction, and work during the day as a writer (I have previously undertaken internships at WIRED UK and New Statesman). I also enjoy going to museums, galleries and gigs, as I’m very interested in contemporary art and emerging art. As a former musician, I still really enjoy taking in all that London has to offer musically, from jazz, to classical, to hip hop. 


Work Experience

WIRED UK – Editorial Intern (September 2018-March 2019)

New Statesman – Wellcome Trust Scholar (August 2017-March 2018)

Edinboro Castle – Bar staff & floor staff (June 2017-March 2017, intermittently)

Young Minds – Policy & Parliamentary Engagement Intern (January 2017-April 2017)

Draft House Chancery Lane – Bar staff & floor staff (March 2018 – current)

Personal Statement

Having grown up with a good education, I became interested in tutoring because I’ve worked with children in a variety of capacities, and believe that a good tutor can make a difference to skills which are neglected by formal schooling. Tutoring can be a valuable supplement to formal schooling because it can enable students to develop their own learning styles, hone skills in a non-judgemental environment, and improve their own confidence. A great amount of the pupils that I’ve had previously are capable but didn’t engage with the way that subjects were taught, or had been put off from an early age. I have found that tutoring works to bridge these gaps as each lesson can be tailored to the interests and abilities of the student, as well as building a genuine relationship which can in turn enable students to be more confident asking for help, admitting when they’ve gotten something wrong and becoming a stronger pupil academically. Moreover, working one-on-one, or in small groups, can be a good way to help students integrate their education into an understanding of what their overarching interests are, where they see themselves going in the future and what they want to pursue in the future, rather than seeing them as separate.  Finally, I believe that tutoring can set students up for success long after their lessons finish, and can help them develop, inside and outside of the classroom, when carried out in a supportive environment that is focused on their growth and future.