Academic Qualifications

Park High School

GCSE (3A*’s, 7A’s, 1B)

Watford Grammar School for Girls

A Levels (2A*’s, 1A)

University College London

Natural Sciences


Teaching Experience

 The Academy Learning Centre

GCSE: Maths & Science

A Level: Maths

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: 8+, 11+, 13+

GCSE: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, RS

A-Level: Maths, Chemistry, Biology

I previously had the role of Chemistry Prefect during sixth form whereby I was required to tutor GCSE students in the subject and hold revision sessions. In addition to this, I have volunteered and taught literacy for the Harrow Association of Disabled People (HAD) and in a Sri Lankan girls’ orphanage.


Skills and Interests

·      Guitar- I enjoy composing short songs on the acoustic guitar and am currently working towards my grade 8 on the classical guitar.

·      Sports- I regularly participate in park runs at my local park and have run a half marathon in October 2017. Yoga energises me and enhances my concentration. At school, I have achieved a badminton Sports Leader award.

·      Art- I take pleasure in drawing, sketching and painting; as well as making and selling greeting cards.

·      Reading- Fiction and scientific non-fiction.

·      Languages- I speak English and Gujarati fluently. I can also speak Spanish at an intermediate level.


Work Experience

·      Volunteered at St. Luke’s Hospice Charity Shop, which has helped to strengthen my time management skills as I was juggling this with my GCSEs.

·      During my time at Headstone Road Surgery and Greenfield Medical Centre, I enhanced my IT and administration skills.

·      At the Royal Free Hospital, I was able to shadow doctors, from whom I have learnt how to efficiently organise tasks and prioritise. At Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital I developed interpersonal skills by working with a variety of people.

·      Volunteering for the Harrow Association of Disabled People (HAD), where I taught English to children, has improved my leadership and communication skills.

·      Whilst volunteering at The Willows care home I developed my ability to empathise.

·      I have previously volunteered at a Sri Lankan girls’ orphanage- as well as teaching, I had the opportunity to interact with the girls and spend time with them.


Personal Statement

In many circumstances, education is solely based on learning to pass examinations. Whilst this is definitely necessary, I believe that the student should also be able to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject that will stick with them and motivate them to develop a core understanding of the subject. One of the key components in the process of learning is having an enthusiastic teacher who not only encourages students to learn in a fun and stimulating manner, but also inspires the student with their passion for their subject. As oppose to learning in a huge class of 30 pupils at school, tuition provides a safe, nourishing environment where the focal point is the student; thus, the student develops confidence and a deeper understanding of the subject being taught. Additionally, it is important to form a secure tutor-tutee relationship, whereby the tutee is able to trust the teacher and feel comfortable. As a tutor, I want to provide students with exam techniques and revision skills. Equally, I aim to fire up students’ imagination and help them think innovatively and identify their optimum learning technique. With this, I hope to help students relate topics to the real world and carry out extra research or reading. I currently specialise in the sciences. However, I am also able to teach other subjects and skills such as entrance examinations.