Academic Qualifications

The Godolphin & Latymer School, London

·      GCSE’s (A*’s and A’s)- English Literature, English Language, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Spanish, French, Classical Civilisation

·      AS Levels- English (A), Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (A)

·      A Levels- English (A), Maths (A), Chemistry (B)

·      SAT I (score of 2050); SAT II- Math Level 1, Math Level 2, English Language

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

·      English Literature (Major), Political Science (Minor), Education (concentration)


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

I have tutored children and youths in various capacities: tutored four sisters up to age 12 in West London for four years; ran a choir and taught reading and writing to children with learning difficulties at William Hogarth Primary School in Hammersmith; while doing a concentration in Education at Georgetown, a course composed of 50% community-based "on the ground" work, I tutored 8-16 year olds in Maths, English and Science once a week; and, most recently, I volunteered my professional CV, interview coaching and mentoring services at Father's Heart Ministry Church in New York City, where I lived for two years (mainly teenagers and adults trying to get into the workforce).


Primary School: All Subjects

11+ Common Entrance: Maths, Science, English, Verbal Reasoning

13+ Common Entrance: English, Verbal Reasoning

Up to Key Stage 5 - Mentoring, Personal statement, Admissions Advice, Interview Training


Skills and Interests

Film-making/directing, cooking, art, public policy, yoga, running, sailing, horseback riding, community service 

CV coaching, job and interview preparation 


Work Experience

LSE Institute of Global Affairs, London

Communications Associate, October 2017 – present

·       Event management and Communications at the Institute of Global Affairs, which has four key research-based global initiatives: Migration, Climate Change, Governance and Finance

·       By employing multidisciplinary approaches and encouraging evidence-based policy making, the IGA aspires to promote deeper understanding and peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge across emerging and developing economies

·       Website content/strategy manager: provide insightful and relevant content to populate the above initiatives and regularly update readers on latest news, highlights and achievements from the IGA and its constituent centres, including Women, Peace & Security and LSE IDEAS (ranked 2nd best university think-tank worldwide)

·       In charge of all in-house social media output/strategy

Stanford Resourcing, New York 

Executive Search Consultant, October 2016 - Present

·       Assisted law firm partners and senior lawyers to make domestic and international moves across banking and financial services, between leading law firms, hedge and private equity funds and investment banks

·       Devised business development initiatives consistent with overall firm strategy; recently attained retainer with Mayfair- based private equity fund after filling half of their seven-person legal team in six months 

·       Produced comprehensive shortlists of initial executive candidates, drawing on subject matter experts and psychometric testing to determine professional/technical competence, and present to client 

·       Negotiated complex compensation packages with both clients and candidates 

·       Hit sales targets in terms of fulfilled business revenues 

Synergy Interactive Solutions, New York

Interactive Recruiter, January 2015 - September 2016

·       Responsible for recruitment of active and passive candidates, using Boolean tools and online networking resources, in all areas of creative and marketing including computer programmers, interactive designers, information architects, producers 

·       Thoroughly researched and analysed job market dynamics, presenting to team, to generate highest quality talent pipelines 

·       Experience closing multiple executive level candidates and negotiating complex compensation packages
Led company social media initiatives, on Twitter and Instagram, and created and maintained website content

Brunswick Group New York, New York

Corporate Communications Intern, July – November 2014 

•       Served on three client teams, covering luxury retail, private equity and transportation, for global business critical communications consultancy and leader in M&A communications 

•       Collaborated with intern team to implement strategy overhaul for education non-profit, “Students Sponsor Partners” 

•       Cultivated key reporter relationships for luxury retail client through landscape research and proactive outreach 

•       Assembled media coverage analyses, produced reporter and company backgrounders and maintained media lists 

Truman National Security Project & The Center for National Policy, Washington, DC 

Development and Communications Intern, January – May 2014

•       Performed press outreach including targeting, list-building and pitching using Meltwater; co-managed social media (Facebook and Twitter) and pulled relevant news for website as needed, for leading national security leadership institute 

•       Drafted and edited strategy documents that pitched Truman initiatives (defense, democracy, cyber and energy security) to thoroughly-researched prospective individual, corporate and foundation donors

Operations and Finance Intern May – August 2013

•       Organized VIP policy panels and Capitol Hill events, assisting team with event recruitment and hosting

•       Co-managed 40-person office move over a three-week period, coordinating all relocation tasks

•       Provided administrative support for company, independently assisting with long-term planning and day-to-day operations in Human Resources, Event Planning, Strategic Fundraising, and Finance and Budgets 

Ax:son Johnson Foundation Stockholm, Sweden 

Intern and Events Organizer/Seminar Host, May – August 2011 and May – August 2012 

•       Acted as liaison between management and high profile international keynote speakers (e.g. former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson and Die Zeit Editor, Josef Joffe), coordinating press communication and conferences 

•       Co-managed event planning in collaboration with 20-person team for worldwide political and economic foundation 

•       Worked with team to develop contingency crisis action plans for internal and external communications

Engelsberg Seminars Dalarna County, Sweden 

Associate Director and Seminar Host, June – July 2011, June – July 2012

•       Served as on-site Production and Logistics Assistant for annual four day prestigious international economic and political seminar, and moderated keynote speeches by facilitating communication between speakers and guests 


Personal Statement

I was lucky enough to have an education split between the US and the UK with teachers who inspired me, and played a large part in my development. My appreciation of my own secondary school education at the Godolphin & Latymer School, in particular my two unforgettable A-Level English teachers (who undoubtedly contributed to my university degree choice), propelled me to start tutoring at a state school nearby. I was so energised by my own teachers that I wanted to share their wisdom with other students who may not have had quite the same access or exposure. Around the same time, I started to babysit four sisters, two of whom suffered from quite severe dyslexia. Reactive after-school homework help soon evolved into structured and dedicated tutoring sessions. These two early experiences, in addition to growing up with two little sisters and two nephews, solidified my love of teaching children, and led to my selecting a concentration in Education Studies as part of my English Literature degree at Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C.

This course was primarily composed of community-based tutoring twice-a-week. As an experienced tutor at this point, it was the highlight of my week to meet with nine-year-old Aubrey. Thanks to the combination of my teaching and Aubrey's commitment (to her studies and to me), I watched a very shy and nervous young girl advance to the top of her class in English and Maths, over the course of the year. I will always treasure this as one of my fondest university experiences. Children’s minds are balls of energy bursting with potential that I take great pleasure in focusing and directing towards success- not just with books and numbers, but through integrative and interactive experiences, which I hope will contribute to their developing holistic personalities. I really believe that education is the key to a successful home and community, and I am passionate about contributing to this in whatever small ways I can.