Rahul S

Academic Qualifications

Rushey Mead School


Business and Communication Systems A

English Language A

English Literature A*

French A*

History A*

Mathematics A*

Physical education A

Biology A*

Chemistry A*

Physics  A*

A levels:

Biology A*

Chemistry A*

Mathematics A*

University College London

BSc Chemistry


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 

GCSE: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

A-Level: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics


Skills and Interests

I am a stand up comedian who performs regularly on the London open mic circuit, completed a run at this year’s Edinburgh fringe and I’ve organised my own comedy night in my hometown of Leicester.

I have a second dan black belt in karate and regularly teach the style to children.

I am an FA level one qualified football coach and coached Leicester Bharat Football Club U9s for 2 years.


Work Experience

CML Warehouse operative

Berry Recruitment

Edinburgh Fringe 2018 for Adam Rowe, Ross Smith, Anthony Jeselnik, Julian Lee, Emily Ferrier

Flexible shifts as bar staff at Bharat Lounge and Midas bar

Personal Statement

Having been tutored for over 10 years, I have seen firsthand the qualities in a good tutor and those in a bad one. I want to keep and build on those good qualities and remove of the bad ones. When I was in year one, I had a tutor for maths and English. He used to shout at me whenever I got something wrong and this is a poor environment to learn in because I was scared to ask questions, scared to engage with the material, scared to think differently and explore, all from the fear of getting shouted at. This inhibits firstly learning in subjects that are extremely important but also it inhibits the development of interest in different subject areas. Interest is vital because as you get older, it’s the interest that keeps you motivated to keep studying and achieve more within the subject. What I want to do is the opposite. I want to create an environment where the student is at ease with the tutor and is enjoying learning. This means I want the student to want to ask me as many questions as possible, even repeat questions if necessary, because if you don’t ask you’ll never learn. I want to be organised by keeping track of my student’s progress by seeing how they’re getting on at school and plan what we can do together in a given time period to help take the student to the next level and be fully prepared come exam time. I want to spark an interest in a subject by encouraging students to go above and beyond the syllabus. I want to do all of this because I know how the influence it can have to a student as I was sometimes deprived of these qualities from my tutor. In fact, that’s exactly why I tutor because I get a personal satisfaction from seeing young people succeed by fufilling or even surpassing their potential and going on to improve their lives and adding to society.