Pauline D

Academic Qualifications

Ecole Normale Catholique, Paris 

French Baccalauréat in the scientific section.

University college London

Natural Sciences at UCL in neurosciences and mathematics and statistics.


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: French, Maths

GCSE: French, Maths, Biology

A Level: French, Maths

IB: French, Maths

I was a tutor for a 7-year-old for a week during holidays and helped him with his homework and lessons in Maths, History, and French.

At Love Learning Tutors I am often requested to tutor French and Maths for primary school students up until GCSE. 


Skills and Interests

I am a scientific student and I feel quite comfortable teaching scientific subjects. I play the piano and I am bilingual in French and English. 

This year I started to be very interested in politics, especially international politics. I am also a great reader. Since a young age, my passion for reading started. I've read many novels (mostly French novels ), which allowed me to have a deeper understanding of French literature. 

I have also studied Latin, German and Italian at high school.


Work Experience

Date : July 2015

I was working in a summer camp in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), I was a teacher assistant. I was in charge of a class of 4- years old. I would organise activities and look after the children with the teacher. 

This job gave me more experience to work with children and made me realise how quickly children can learn and how eager they are to understand new concepts.


Personal Statement

Since I was 14 years old I have always done a lot of baby-sittings and often, before putting the children to bed, I had to help them finish their homework or read lessons together. I thought it was a really nice process to see a child trying to understand or solve an exercise, a lesson and I quickly realised that I also liked being part of this process and be there to help the child understand a lesson and give advices. I also have two little sisters who I have always helped with their homework during a long time, and even if this not a professional experience I think it gave me some more skills for tutoring. So tutoring is really something I care about and I enjoy doing. I believe that the fact that I actually enjoy helping a student with work makes me a good tutor. 

I personally had a tutor during my last year of high school who was helping me with maths. She was a lovely tutor and explained new concepts in a lot of different ways so she was sure that I would understand absolutely everything and not miss any steps. I have learned a great deal from her in maths, but also in how to teach and explain. 

But good explanations and practice are not the only aspects that make a tutor a good one. I believe that enthusiasm and motivation are also two good qualities that a tutor should have. If a student is not motivated, he will not reach his best and that’s why a tutor should also know how to encourage and motivate its student. I believe that I can motivate students because I like helping them and I know that the best teachers I have ever had were the ones who enjoyed teaching and the subject they were teaching. 

Also, the fact that I have been a student in two different countries, in two different school system gives me an experience that not everyone can have. I have learned things with two different methods, some of them are best learned with one method, some with the other one. So I will know how to adapt myself to the student, how I think he will learn best, with which method, and how I can motivate him/her.