Online Tutoring Service

Whether you live far away or you're on holiday and don’t want to lose momentum, our tutors are here for you.

With our online service, you can have access to our tutors anywhere that you can access the internet (which is pretty much everywhere these days).

Utilise our unique, built-in Whiteboard resource that makes your online tutoring sessions just as fun and interactive as in-home sessions.

It's a great supplementary option to our in-home service and a great way to speed up your child's academic progress efficiently and conveniently. You can access this tool from any computer or tablet device.

How It Works

No set up is needed. Our tutors will email you a link to join the session and you will also receive a full length recording of each session which you can review and learn from, anytime, anywhere, forever.



  • Exam preparation
  • Holiday tasks
  • Extra-curricular studies
  • Ongoing tutoring
  • School absence due to sickness
  • Keeping the brain ticking over long holidays


  • Face-to-face tutoring
  • Learn from anywhere in the world
  • No additional cost
  • Share worksheets, files and content instantly
  • Time efficient and no need to travel
  • No limit of resources that can be used - pull up anything you can find online