Nikita P

Academic Qualifications

St Helens School 

iGCSE’s – Maths A*, English Literature A*, English Language B, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Physics A, Latin B, Geography B, Religious Studies B, French B

St Dominic’s Sixth Form

A levels – Maths A, Biology B, Chemistry B

The University of Nottingham

Biochemistry (Bsc)


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: Maths, Verbal reasoning, Non Verbal reasoning 

GCSE: Maths, Biology, Chemistry

A-Level: Maths, Biology, Chemistry

Brain Train

SATs – KS1, KS2

11+ - Maths, Verbal reasoning 

GCSEs – Maths


Skills and Interests

I enjoy playing badminton, reading and watching ballet in my free time.

I also like to be involved in charitable organisations, the one I am currently involved in is Project Care.

I speak basic level Gujarati. 


Work Experience

Tutored family and friends. 

Worked at NCS as a senior mentor.


Personal Statement

My interest in tutoring arose when I started helping my two younger brothers with their common entrance exams as it was just a year after I had gone through it myself. I found a passion in helping them achieve their full potential as well as understanding new learning techniques which helped me teach family and friends years on. My teaching experience has grown from common entrance to GCSEs and now A levels. A common misconception shared amongst all my students is the idea that requiring help doubts their intelligence. However, I have helped them see that it is just a boost of confidence that can change a grade from a B to an A. I believe that every student should be given the opportunity to exceed and go beyond the syllabus which I have found helps those doing GCSEs or higher to decide what they want to pursue after schooling. I feel as though one-to-one tutoring is most effective as it allows me to understand and locate specific difficulties that the student might otherwise hide when in a group. I shape the way I tutor to fit the personality of my student. I make every session a productive one by ensuring they are able to apply what they have learnt in previous sessions and going through past papers close to exam time. My personal aim for each session is to leave the student with a clear understanding and smile on their faces. For me, tutoring is not about the quantity of work one can do, its about the quality of work, which will ultimately make them successful.