Academic Qualifications

Congleton High School

GCSE’s: 5 A*, 4A, 2B, 1 Distinction*

A-level: History- A

Mathematics- A

Drama- B

English Language (AS-Level) - A

University College London

History- Specialising in Modern British History 


Teaching Experience 

Love Learning Tutors

A Level: History, Drama, Maths

GCSE: History, Maths, Religious Studies, Theatre Studies

Primary: History Maths, Spelling, Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning

A-Level: History and Drama

As part of a project at my previous school I led several debate workshops with primary school and high school pupils, teaching them how to conduct a proper and effective argument. I have also taught various history lessons to gifted and talented children at my local primary school, trying to get them to analyse sources and read between the lines. 


Skills and Interests

One of my main skills and interests is in theatre. I have been in many productions, ranging from musicals to short dramas. I have also recently directed a fresher’s play, which I had to produce within 5 days with 11 actors, it was intense but extremely rewarding.

My other interests include sports; I love watching and playing football, and have done for as long as I can remember. I used to play basketball and dodgeball too, and really want to try a new sport again soon. Music is also a keen interest of mine but, despite my best efforts, it is not a skill I possess.


Work Experience

Chair of Congleton Youth Committee

The London Student Ambassador for LG

Promotional Worker for Silk 106.9 (Radio station)

Ambassador for Gig Pic (Music App)

Personal Statement

Having grown up a son of a primary school teacher I understand the importance of education and the experience it gives. I have personally had an amazing education, and I aim to be a tutor who inspires, such as my history teacher inspired me. With past-experience of teaching at primary school level, both history and debating, I found it extremely rewarding to see pupils learn and enjoy learning as a collective. Yet, I believe that tutoring on a one-on-one level allows the pupil to feel comfortable in their environment and accelerate their own learning. I know this because I was a tutee for science, a subject I was not comfortable in, and by the end of the tutoring sessions I was confident and able to achieve high grades in my exams. Due to my past-experience, both as a pupil and a teacher, I am determined through tutoring to help my tutee achieve, whether that be through improvement in grades or confidence. I have an enthusiasm to learn more and will be eager to work with the student and adapt to meet their needs, this may involve making the learning more interactive or relatable, because I know how to be in their shoes. Therefore, I will create a friendship with the tutee, breaking down a barrier that a teacher may not be able to break, which can only help the student to learn and have their own positive experience of education.