Mark C 


Academic Qualifications

European School of Luxembourg

European Baccalaureate: Graduated with 77 out of 100. (ABB)

English 9/10

French 7/10

University of East Anglia

Joint Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy (2:1).


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: English, French

GCSE: English, French

A-Level: Philosophy


English Teacher at Glenmoor and Winton Academies: 2015–2017

English teacher at Portsmouth Academy for Girls, Portsmouth: 2015-2016

Teaching assistant at Nightingale Academy: 2013-2015

Volunteer English Teacher with Travel to Teach, South East Asia: 2009


Skills and Interests

Thanks to my upbringing in the European School of Luxembourg, I am fluent in French and proficient in German and Italian. I am a part-time writer and have a good knowledge of literature, both classic and children’s. I also have a good knowledge of science fiction and fantasy literature. My main passion lies in languages and travel; I am currently studying to improve my German in preparation for a trip to see family in Frankfurt.


Personal Statement

I am a a patient and determined educator with experience teaching English across a range of settings. Having taught as a volunteer, a teaching assistant, a tutor and as a classroom teacher, I have developed a range of requisite qualities including organisation, diplomacy, empathy and tact, as well as a detailed knowledge of the English GCSE requirements, children’s literature and classical literature.

Having been inspired by teachers in my own formative education, I know the difference that an engaging and enthusiastic educator can make to a student’s potential ability. As such, I am keen to pass on this enthusiasm for learning; seeing students of all abilities making progress is rewarding for myself and key to developing my students’ self-confidence. My learning plans are individualised for a student's own particular needs, and I enjoy learning the interests and life goals of new students.

I have returned to tutoring after achieving qualified teacher status as I find tutoring more rewarding and fulfilling. Working with smaller groups of students allows for a greater focus on individual needs; this enhances pupil determination by rendering progress palpable, inspiring pupil and tutor alike. I believe that tutoring is extremely effective in increasing confidence as it goes beyond the syllabus and provides an environment where the subject can be tailored to the child's personality, thus encouraging a greater interest in the material.

In particular, it is the one-on-one aspect to tutoring which I believe makes tutoring so successful and effective for a tutee's education. As a qualified teacher I know that It allows the tutee to gain the confidence and self-accomplishment which they may not have otherwise gained in a class of 20, with greater opportunities for the student to benefit from more direct feedback on their learning.

I believe in learning as a preparation for life. It should be an integrated, holistic process, with arts, sciences and humanities coming together. I have a strong background in the teaching of English as a qualified English teacher. Whilst learning the English language, my pupils often have opportunities to reflect on British culture and the collection of literature that creates the language. My students and I reflect on progress together, and as skills build in one area, they build in others too. We look at exam technique and revision skills, and we work on past papers if exams are approaching. I equip students with all the tools they need to realise their academic potential and to achieve to the best of their abilities, and I aim to do this within a supportive, secure and enjoyable environment.