The Education System - Broken or Obsolete?

One of our biggest missions here at Love Learning Tutors is to evolve and improve education in the UK, and positively impact the lives of 1 million students.

The current education system isn't broken... it's just obsolete.

We've been through it ourselves, so we know how it was back then. And having students who are part of it today, it's clear to see how little it's developed. The system and methods have stayed pretty much the same for decades now and although it may have been beneficial 50+ years ago, it isn’t proving as beneficial in this day and age.

In fact, the increase of pressure and workload being put on students is proving highly problematic, causing a rise in mental health issues amongst other things, such as lack of engagement and unwanted behaviour.

Although I wasn't entirely interested in all my school subjects, I was still a top student and I chose to carry on studying long after I had finished my formal education.
The things I've learnt since (in the real world, through mentors and through books), have proven essential to my success and happiness in life. But these things were never taught to me in school. And this is still the case today.
For us, this must to change. And so we’ve creatively weaved and incorporated these insights and nuggets of wisdom into our methods of tutoring and the knowledge we impart on our students.

Jay Shetty, 30 years of age, is an Award Winning Host who used to be a Monk. Currently partnered with National Geographic and Huffpost, he has a mission of making wisdom go viral. And he’s doing amazing with over 1 billion views on his videos to date.

His recent video may shed some light on this important topic...


We notice there are a lot of people complaining about the education system in the UK. And a lot of people are talking about wanting it to change. At Love Learning Tutors, we are taking it into our own hands and initiating change within our company, with the intention of a wider spread effect down the line in schools across the UK.

If you have any comments on what you’d like to see in the UK education system, please do send us an email with your suggestions and we will go about making it happen.