Jamie S

Academic Qualifications

Hong Kong International School

Advanced Placement (APs, A-level equivalent):

AP Biology 5 (out of 5), AP Psychology 5, AP Calculus AB 5, AP World History 4

SATs: 2220 (out of 2400)

King’s College London

Molecular Genetics BSc Hons – 2:1

Example subjects: Cancer Genetics, Protein Structure and Function, Embryology

Associateship of King’s College (with modules on religion, philosophy, etc.)


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Up to A-Level level: Biology, Mandarin, Maths, Psychology

MAST Education (online tutoring for students in Hong Kong)

From October 2017 to present

Honours Biology


Skills and Interests

I enjoy analytical tasks and problem solving, hence why I chose a science degree. I love doing logic puzzles in my spare time. I also enjoy learning more about how the world works, leading me to watch Ted-Ed and other YouTube channels providing short documentaries on different subjects. I am a friendly people-person and enjoy talking to all types of people. Having a connection with my pupil would be ideal.    

I speak English and Cantonese fluently, and Mandarin at a functional working level.


Work Experience

Business Consultant at EY

Microbiology Laboratory Internship (Guy’s Hospital, HIV genetics, 8 weeks from July 2018, awarded the Harry Smith Vacation Studentship grant for this project)

Genetic counselling internship (Guy’s Hospital, 2 weeks in June 2018)

Genetics Laboratory Internship (Hong Kong, Queen Mary Hospital, 8 weeks in June 2017)

 Hotline volunteer at London Nightline (November 2018-June 2019, overnight confidential listening service for university students, >150 hours of service)


Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed teaching others about different subjects and interesting facts ever since I was young, from telling my parents the fascinating facts I learned during my school day to helping proofread my friend’s essays through leaving suggestions for improvement in high school. During my time tutoring students using a variety of mediums ranging from PowerPoint to worksheets, I found it very rewarding to help students fully understand topics. It was a great feeling when their parents would reach out to me and thank me for helping them improve their grades. I may be biased, but I believe tutors are able to offer something that teachers may not, whether that be a less intimidating face, or someone who is able to focus the lessons on a single pupil to help them get the most out of each session. As someone who didn’t always understand topics immediately, I know it can be frustrating to not understand a topic and feel intimidated by their teachers and avoid asking them. I hope to help students look at a subject from another angle than they did in class and help them connect the dots in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.