James S

Academic Qualifications

Vienna Bilingual Schooling Gymnasium Draschestrasse

High School Diploma with Distinction (Matura)

English – 1

German – 1

Mathematics – 1

Geography and Economic Studies – 1

Psychology and Philosophy – 1

University of Glasgow

MA (Hons) Economics and Politics - First

Awarded Adam Smith Scholar Award for Excellence


University College London 

MSc International Public Policy


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors: Economics, Politics, German, History

GCSE: Economics, Politics, German, History

A-Level: Government and Politics, Economics, German

I have previously worked as a personal tutor in English (as a foreign language), German, History and Mathematics for high school students in Vienna, Austria.


Skills and Interests

-       Languages and Travel: I am a native English and German speaker and learned French and Spanish at school, both of which I speak to an intermediate level. I have pursued higher education in three countries (USA, UK and Australia) and enjoy travelling around the world to explore new places and cultures. Recently I was fortunate to attend a Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Myanmar, which was a fascinating experience.

-       Football: I started playing football at the age of six and have followed this passion ever since. Playing football throughout school and university taught me the importance of juggling a busy academic schedule with extra-curricular activities.

-       Public Speaking and Broadcast Journalism: As the Head of News Production for Student TV I regularly presented newsreels and shows. In 2015 I held a TEDx Talk on the ‘Value of Self-Reflection’.

-       Music: Growing up in Vienna (otherwise known as ‘The City of Music’), music played an important role in my formative years. I still enjoy playing the guitar and piano (though my piano skills could do with some brushing up!).


Work Experience

-       Parliamentary Intern: Working in the Scottish Parliament for an MSP gave me a unique opportunity to apply abstract concepts in economics and politics to the ‘real world’. I firmly believe in the educational value of connecting academic knowledge with real world experiences.

 -       Youth Diplomat: Head of Youth Delegation at the 13th Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Naypyidaw, Myanmar.

-       Head of News Production for Glasgow University Student TV: Covered all aspects of campus, national and international news.

-       Study Abroad Ambassador: Acted as an Ambassador for my home university during my year abroad in Australia. As a Scottish representative I served as a point of information for students interested in studying in the UK.

 References: Available on request from Love Learning Tutor

Personal Statement 

Born to English and Austrian parents in Vienna, I have always been keen to study in as many places as possible. This led me to pursue higher education in the USA, UK and Australia before deciding to settle in London where I am currently an MSc student in International Public Policy.

Good teachers and a real passion for the subjects they taught inspired me to follow this path. It is also what motivated me to tutor: seeing a student reach their potential and approach new challenges with real confidence is an incredibly rewarding experience. This is why I have enjoyed tutoring students of all abilities and educational backgrounds in the past six years.

As a personal tutor I understand the importance of finding stimulating ways to bring the material ‘to life’ and inspire a long-lasting interest in a subject. Creating engaging sessions that are tailored to a student’s personality – we all learn differently, after all –  can inspire passion for a subject and improve grades drastically. As such I aim to  produce an environment in which tutees feel comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes, challenge ideas and think independently to effectively engage with concepts and models. I have always felt that combining creativity with diligence and curiosity set the foundation for being successful in school and beyond. My goal is therefore to help students understand their subject in greater depth and develop revision techniques that encourage improvement beyond learning sessions.

[1] Note: The Austrian grading system offers five grades ranging from 1 (Very Good) to 5 (Unsatisfactory)