Hannah P

Academic Qualifications

Dollar Academy

GCSE (Scottish Equivalents):

French A*

English A*

Drama A*

Biology A*

Chemistry A*

Physics A*

Maths A*

Economics A


AS Levels (Scottish Equivalents):

French A*

Spanish A*

English A*

Drama A*

Economics A*

Maths A*


A-Levels (Scottish Equivalents):

French A*

English A*

Spanish A

Drama A


University College London

BA French and Spanish


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: Spanish, English, Drama, French

GCSE: Spanish, English, Drama, French

Teaching English in Spain (Au-Pair): June-August 2017


Skills and Interests

Drama:            Acting, directing, writing, reading- all of it!

Reading:          Fiction and theatre

Travelling:       Europe and beyond

Languages:      English (native), French (intermediate), Spanish (intermediate)


Work Experience

Retail Mentors:           June-August 2015


Personal Statement

Good teaching is vital for success. My experiences through school and into university have taught me that if you work well with your teacher, you are far more likely to succeed. Sometimes however, teaching in the classroom can be hard to connect with. This is where a tutor steps in. Tutoring caters to the student’s personality and is conducted in a supportive, relaxed space in which the student can feel free to ask any and all questions – as an avid question-asker I completely understand the necessity of this. Being able to explore specific areas of a subject in greater detail ensures that the child can delve into the areas they find most interesting and find their personal desire to learn. I believe that the key to success is confidence (as well as a little hard work!): a result of good teaching. This confidence comes from working on an individual basis with the student until they feel happy to discuss and tackle questions on their own. As a tutor I aim to work closely with the child to develop their attitude towards the subject, as well as equipping them with the best tools and techniques for their exams. Being a student myself, exams are something which I am very familiar with, and for this reason I can relate to many of the worries the child may have, and am in a position to give personal, genuine and reliable advice. I love the subjects that I study and explore beyond the lecture theatre, and I hope to pass on this inquisitive enjoyment of languages and the arts to any student I tutor.