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Academic Qualifications

2016-2017: Undertaking an MSc in Immunity and Infectious Diseases at University College London

2012 – 2015: The University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT - BSc Biochemistry, awarded 2:1

2000 – 2012:   Oxford High School GDST,Oxford, Oxfordshire

A levels: Chemistry (A*), Biology (B), Mathematics (B), AS level History (B)

GCSES: English (A*), English Literature (A*), Mathematics (A*), History (A*), Science (A*), Additional Science (A), Geography (A), Art (A), French (A), Spanish (B)


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors 

Key Stage 2/3 Maths and Biology

GCSE: Maths and Biology

A level:r A Level Chemistry

Skills and Interests

During my time at school I played netball and hockey for the school teams, and engaged in netball and hockey clubs outside of school. I love netball and have played for both the University of Leeds and currently play for the UCL second team. I also played for Oxfordshire netball academy and Oxfordshire development centres for Hockey. I also did tennis camps during the summer to maintain my fitness and the Duke of Edinburgh silver award expedition for endurance. I also participated in a young enterprise scheme in my penultimate year of school, which was successful and made a profit, giving me an experience of working within a company. All of these exercises meant that I gained valuable team working and time management skills, as I also had a part time job at French connection whilst sitting AS levels. I also completed a Tour to France charity scheme, which involved cycling from Leeds to Paris in 6 days during June 2014. I raised over £850 for the charity Save the Children UK, and it involved a high intensity exercise regime, cooperation and team work with a large group of 30-40 people. It was a very emotionally and physically challenging but a wonderful experience, linked to the society RAG, or Raise and Give, a student society that I was part of at University.

Other interests include music, as I have been playing the piano since a young age, reading, drawing, and spending time with friends.


Work Experience

I have done volunteer work for children’s church summer camps when I was in my teenage years; supervising children aged 8-11. I had a part time job at FCUK between the ages of 17-8, and also worked in the kitchens of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford during the summer as a severy assistant. Both of these part time jobs were in fast paced environments, which required a high level of concentration and team work. I also worked for MMOSS, a study services in Oxford that was involved in teaching international students English, as well as showing them the main tourist attractions of England. As a social organiser, I organised activities for the children such as sports and excursions to museums, colleges and different cities. I had to have a lot of patience and develop bonds with the children as well as being in charge of sensitive information including passports. Between graduating from the University of Leeds and starting my Master’s at UCL, I have had two laboratory based jobs, one as a placement that was working with the manufacture of diagnostic kits for patients that had Tuberculosis, and the other job was working in a test laboratory with injection pens used for those suffering from allergies, diabetes, and other autoimmune diseases. Both of these jobs required a lot of attention to detail, patience, and responsibility when allocated to individual projects, utilising sensitive documentation.


Personal Statement

I was fortunate when I was younger to go a wonderful school, full of inspirational teachers that constantly encouraged pupils to learn and find their passion; be it in maths, science, art, history or international relations. This was partly due to the fact that we were always told we could aspire to achieve anything if we had self-confidence and motivation. This is a very powerful role for someone to have in a child’s life, as it affects multiple decisions they make when growing up. Being the eldest of two younger siblings, I have always had a leadership role in the family, which subsequently involved helping with homework and particularly supporting my brother through his A level chemistry exams, which he struggled with at the time. I have always enjoyed working with children, and have worked with multiple summer camps and English language schools. I became involved in tutoring whilst at university, and my background is strongly focused around biology and chemistry, though I also enjoy teaching maths, as I have an appreciation for applying logic to situations. Experiencing the delight and satisfaction that is stimulated by a tutee grasping an idea and becoming interested in a subject you have taught them, is one of the most rewarding experiences, and as a tutor I aim to develop a supportive bond with everyone I teach. In this way, the process also becomes an inspiration to me, with the knowledge that I can give students confidence in themselves, realise their own potential and have fun!