Elena S

Academic Qualifications

The Grammar School, Nicosia


A* - Maths, English, Modern Greek, Physics, Economics, Accounting, French

A levels:  

Maths - A*, Further Maths - A, Economics - A, Physics - B, Modern Greek - A

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Civil Engineering MEng

Key modules:

  • Structural Mechanics

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Concrete and Steel Design

  • Nonlinear Structural Analysis

  • Dynamics

  • Prestressed Concrete

  • Transport System

  • Operational Research

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: 11+ Maths, 13+ Maths

GCSE: Maths

A-Level: Maths



Skills and Interests

Dance - Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hiphop, Latin

Piano - Classical and Electric

Reading - Novels, Fiction

Sports - Swimming, Basketball

Work Experience

PLATONAS STYLIANOU & ASSOCIATES (Civil & Structural Engineers LLC),

·      Used ETABS to assess stability of structures and analysed architectural AutoCAD drawings, enhancing my critical judgement

·      Attended seminar for ‘Construction in Confined Spaces’ which increase my awareness on the precautions that must be taken

·      Written reports on: Seismic Assessment-Knowledge Levels, Flat Slabs, Secondary Seismic Elements, Expansion Joints and CTO Feasibility Reports

 UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES PROGRAMME (UROP) – Dr. Andrew Phillips      (1 month)                        

·      Researched and prepared a report on ‘A Desktop Study of Low Nodal Connectivity in Bone’

·      Encountered the challenge of learning what the trabecular bone

·      Examined the Space Frame Structures, their system analysis and their configuration

·      Investigate different case studies, like Montreal’s Biosphere, and discussed their common structure concluding how mechanism of the bone enables the design of innovative structures


·      Introduced to the general workflow, roles and responsibilities of a Civil/Structural Engineer

·      Gained knowledge on how Seismic Programmes work and the general precautions required for a secure structure

Personal Statement

A personal health issue broadened my perspective on life and made me more mature and sensitive, leading to my involvement in charity work and particularly my interest in tutoring. During my school years, I always had a strong interest in mathematics and problem solving, participating in competitions and Olympiads. I feel a sense of challenge when faced with an algebra problem and eagerness to learn more. I would like to transfer these feelings to other students that are keen to learn as well and use my knowledge to help students that need it. Being part of the school’s Cultural Evening enabled me to work in a team, manage my time efficiently and put my communicational skills into practice. I believe these skills are useful for a tutor as I will be able to be punctual and find different approaches and methods to communicate with the students since every student is different. Furthermore, I have always been involved in dancing (mainly ballet) and piano. Dance and piano classes have helped me gain transferable skills of discipline, determination and most importantly patience which is fundamental when being a tutor and dealing with students, since not all of them will share the same passion or interest towards the subject. I always had to maintain a balance between school deadlines and extra-curricular activities. Therefore, I believe this enables me to relate with the students and the stresses they have to go through during school years, which will create a stronger bond and communication to achieve their goals.