Business covers key topics in business organisation and environment. Students gain an understanding of the functions of human resource management, finance and accounts, marketing and operations management. By studying the main business concepts students gain a holistic view of today’s dynamic business environment.

gives students an understanding of the physical systems and cultural characteristics of places that shape the way people live their daily lives. Learning about global interdependence encourages students to be better citizens. Studying business develops critical and strategic thinking. Students have to plan analyse and evaluate their projects, which gives them great insight into the life of a business owner.

Our experienced business tutors are here to tackle any problem areas. They are passionate about their subject and are ready to help students overcome any obstacle in order to help them achieve the grades they need to take their studies to the next level.


GCSE Business

Business in the real world

Influences on business

Business operations

Human resources

A-level Business

Planning and financing a business

Managing a business

Strategies of success

Then business environment and managing change

IB Business and Management (Part of individuals and societies)

Business organisation and environment

Human resource management

Finance and accounts


Operations management