Academic Qualifications

French Brevet des Écoles, Mention Très Bien
Mathematics (40/40), French (34.5/40), History-Geography (33.5/40), English (33/40)

Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma, 41 points
Higher Level: History (6), French A2 (7), English A1 (6), Russian B (6) Standard Level: Mathematics (6), Biology (7)
Theory of Knowledge (A), Extended Essay (A)

BA Linguistics, 2.1
Modules in Syntax, Phonetics, Phonology, Semantics, Pragmatics, Children’s Language Development Dissertation (1st) topic: Theory of Mind in Deaf Children

GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) starting in October 2017.


Teaching Experience


Common Entrance: 11+, 13+, 16+
GCSE: French, English, History, Law
A-Level: French, English

Special Education Needs Teaching Assistant (SENTA)
I provided 1:1 support to a Year 3 student with Down Syndrome on a daily basis in a mainstream inclusive school, with a focus on numeracy and literacy but also a range of SEN interventions.


Skills and Interests

I love all sports. When I was younger I played tennis and basketball. At university I played a lot of volleyball and became the First Team Captain and the following year I was the President of the university’s sports club. Recently I have taken immense pleasure in running and playing squash.

Outside of sports I am passionate about languages. Growing up in a bilingual household and attending a range of schools, I am a native speaker of French and English. I am fluent in Spanish, proficient in Russian and have very good notions of German, Italian and British Sign Language.

Several years ago I spent some time in the bush in South Africa and I am a qualified Nature guide. I worked in a lodge taking guests on safari drives and walks one summer. The occasional run-ins with some of the Big 5 animals were simply incredible.

I used to play the piano, dance, and play the guitar. I now occasionally play the ukulele. I also love scouting places that have beautiful stained glass windows.


Work Experience

08/2017: Internship at Burke Niazi, a law firm that specialises in Family Law and Mental Health Law

06/2017: Internship at Dawson Cornwell, a law firm that specialises in International Family and Children Law

03/2017-06/2017: Special Education Needs Teaching Assistant at a London primary school

03/2017-07/2017: Part-time Club Assistant at the Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club 01/2017-

04/2017: Freelance Linguistic Specialist, proofreading and translating subtitles 09/2016-

12/2016: Sales Assistant at Ortigia in Florence, Italy

09/2016-12/2016: Substitute Primary School Teacher at the International School of Florence In my summers between university I also worked in events, I did an internship at the Nelson

Mandela’s Children Fund UK, I worked in the bush as a guide and I was a UCL Open Day Steward. References: Available on request from Love Learning Tutors


Personal Statement

My best and favourite teachers were those that managed to strike a balance between fostering a love of learning as well as guiding us on how to understand and respond well to exam formats. As a student I was always frustrated if the focus was too acute on only one aspect. I also found that when I was inspired or excited by a subject, I naturally performed better in it anyway and I observed this phenomenon in my peers too. My first experience of tutoring was when I was asked to tutor a nine-year old girl in Mathematics when I was still fourteen myself. I found it so rewarding and learned a lot myself. I was initially interested in a career in speech and language therapy and a lot of my voluntary and paid experience in that field involved developing a real sensitivity to the children’s strengths and weaknesses. It also required constant positive encouragement and feedback. I strongly believe that my ability to speak different languages has enhanced my ability to understand how to approach a situation from different perspectives. I strongly believe that to do well in any subject, a little inspiration is needed to kickstart the process and that real-world examples and excerpts can make a subject relatable which can make all the difference. I am passionate about language and learning languages and I cannot wait to teach!