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Academic Qualifications

Woodbridge School, Suffolk

GCSEs: Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Geography A*, Spanish A*, Music A*, Latin Literature A*, Latin Language A*, English Literature A, English Language B, Ancient Greek B.

A Levels: Mathematics A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Further Mathematics B.

University College London

MSci Natural Sciences. Specialising in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry and Solid State and Statistical Physics.


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

GCSE: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.

A-Level: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.


Skills and Interests

I take part in outdoors activities such as hiking around National Parks for my Duke of Edinburgh award and previously being a Young Leader for a local Beaver Scout Troop.  I am a keen traveller.  I enjoy listening to music and spend my spare time learning the harp and piano. I also enjoy working on my fitness, from Pilates and gym to badminton. I take great joy in creating things from cookery to crafting.  I also am an animal lover.


Personal Statement

Looking back on the earlier years of my education, I can appreciate how fortunate I was to have such good teachers and tutors.  It is this foundation that, I am sure, has set me up to have interests in such a broad range of fields and what has driven me to pursue the sciences in particular.  I have fond memories from my school years, particularly during my A Levels, where the small class sizes allowed a more individual education and where I found most enjoyment from my subjects. I hope that I can pass on at least some of this passion in tutoring.