Academic Qualifications

Tiffin School

GCSEs: 12A*s in Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Latin and Ancient Greek.

            A with Distinction in iGCSE Further Maths.

AS Levels: 5As in Latin, Ancient Greek, Maths, Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics), and Biology.

A Levels: 3A*s in Latin, Ancient Greek, Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics); A in Maths.

University College London: BA Classics


Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors

Common Entrance: Latin, Ancient Greek

GCSE: Latin, Ancient Greek, Maths, Biology, Religious Studies.

A-Level: Latin, Ancient Greek, Religious Studies, Maths.

At school I helped teach Latin to students in years 7-9 during additional lunchtime classes, and later tutored a year 10 student as part of the department’s Latin mentor scheme. After leaving school, I have been working as a Latin tutor to a student in year 8 and another in year 10, preparing the latter for his GCSE.


Skills and Interests

Aside from all things ancient, I am a lover of all things tennis so much so that my personal statement for my university applications was as much about classics as it was about tennis—the most common response I had to it was the question ‘Are you applying for a degree in classics or tennis?’. That said, I am rubbish at tennis so I do a lot more running.


Personal Statement

While most tutors aim to build the confidence of their tutees, I prefer to help my tutees find their inner motivation and, therefore, aim to make the subject I am teaching fun, whether it be through relating, say, Latin to Maths or, as I would do to a young me, the Iliad to Grand Slam finals. I believe that helping my tutees find something that is enjoyable about the subject will provide them with a much more powerful motivator than just confidence because, if the subject is fun, the tutee will want to do the work necessary for success in that subject without perceiving it as just ‘work’. Moreover, the tutee naturally builds their own confidence in this way, which obviously leads them to want to do more work.

I have lots of experience in teaching as I helped out during additional Latin classes at school, teaching Latin to boys who were only a few years younger than me, and as I was a Latin mentor to a student in year 10. This experience, alongside the ridiculously high quality of teaching of my school’s Classics Department, has prepared me very well to tutor Latin and Ancient Greek—indeed, my teachers often suggested I join their ranks, and I suppose I slowly am in tutoring, much to the annoyance of my younger self.