Abhay D

Academic Qualifications

Dartford Grammar School
GCSE: 12A*s (Geography, History, Mathematics, English Language, Religious Studies, Japanese, Physical Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, English Literature)

IB: 44 points (Biology, Chemistry and Economics at higher ( 7,7,7) and Mathematics, English Literature and Japanese at standard level (7,6,7))

Medicine at Barts and the London School of medicine and Dentistry

Teaching Experience

Love Learning Tutors
Common Entrance
GCSE: Maths, Biology, Chemistry
IB: Biology, Chemistry, Economics
Medical Entrance UKCAT and interview practise

Three years of tutoring experience privately at GCSE and IB level.

Skills and Interests

Rugby, Muay Thai, Television enthusiast, Personal fitness, Cooking
Japanese (beginner) Spanish (beginner) Hindi (near fluent)

Work Experience

Sales and marketing- promotion of services, Bluebird Care .

Domiciliary care working at Bluebird Care.

Retail experience at Cherry Creek Gallery.

Volunteer rugby and cricket coach at Dartford Grammar School and Cricket Club.

One year working with children with learning difficulties at Imago, this included the preparation and serving of after- school meals and general interaction to improve their communication skills and for entertainment purposes.

Hollister Brand Associate.

Domiciliary Carer at Bluebird Care - this job involved strong customer interaction and interpersonal skills to be able to deliver efficient care, for example: a patient of mine had advanced dementia with whom I had to be very patient and communicate effectively. Highly positive reviews were received in the attention to detail provided and care taken in helping the elderly

Bartender and waiter at Hawley Kitchen & at Neo Wine and Cocktail bar.

Work experience at Felixstowe GP surgery involving aiding with administration and shadowing Dr Chhabra

Colorectal surgical shadowing At The Royal London Hospital following Dr Shafi Ahmed

Personal Statement

Education is the single most useful tool you can supply anyone to take on life. I have had a passion for learning for a while because I was lucky enough to have teachers that stimulated my interest in nearly all of the subjects I took. And I think the key to any educational scenario is engaging with the topic; I believe tutoring can break the restricted, rigid format that schools use and individualise the learning to make it more personal, it allows the teaching to be tailored to what suits the student best. I am currently a medical student and have always had a drive for Maths and the Sciences, and hope to instil the same passion for learning that I have to my students. I personalise my teaching methods to the student depending n how they learn best; I am an enthusiastic, patient and hardworking person and that is all reflected in my tutoring. I believe teaching should be fun, personal and holistic. In addition, I am a few years out of school so will be relatively close in age to my student which allows for a strong repour between the teacher and the student which is imperative. I am performed quite well in my exams and know how to transfer knowledge and also apply this to exam technique. Unfortunately, much of how “intelligence” is determined on how well you can pander to a mark scheme, I hope to provide an environment that breeds learning while also optimising my students’ exam performance.